Star Wars Transport Attack Hot Wheels Playset

Be at the controls of a TIE Fighter and shoot targets to make your escape with this Hot Wheels Star Wars Transport Attack Playset.


Listen, we don’t want to make a case for sympathy for the First Order, but have you ever seen a TIE Fighter? Those things are totally awesome! The way they zoom through space while shooting enemy X-Wings with their blasters… well, it’s a thing of beauty. We don’t even care if the pilots inside of them never seem to be able to hit the Millennium Falcon. It almost makes us want to join the First Order. Of course, then we found out about this Star Wars Transport Attack playset by Hot Wheels!This playset comes with a tiny star dock and a small TIE Fighter vehicle to play with. That means you and your kid can get your fill of TIE Fighter action without ever having to join with the bad guys. The set even includes a little display stand that props the tiny starfighter on your finger, or on flat surfaces. The stand even shoots tiny projectiles out, so you can practice your target shooting!

Material: Plastic
Item: MLCMT37

Price: $4.99

ORDER HERE: Star Wars Transport Attack Hot Wheels Playset

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