Women’s 8 pc Deluxe Black Bear Costume

Let your inner wild side out with this 8 pc Deluxe Black Bear Costume! This sexy and cute bear costume will have people forgetting that you’re actually a ferocious wild animal!


BLACK BEARS Black bears leave us with mixed emotions. Maybe this sounds like a weirdly passionate stance to have on one specific animal, but allow us to explain and you might find that you agree! Firstly, it’s no secret that bears are scary. Bears are way too strong, they are huge, and they have massive teeth and claws that make us think they were made to be killers. Though we suppose that they were, thanks to evolution. But evolution also made black bears insanely cute. They have thick black fur and cute little ears and a brown little nose that makes you want to say “aw”. This is where the mixed emotions come in. Every time we see a black bear, we don’t know how to feel. We feel both happy, due to the bear’s cuteness, and scared, due to the bear’s ferocious nature. We are in an emotional dilemma that we might not ever solve! FUN DETAILS This costume perfectly embodies a black bear’s scary and adorable characteristics! It starts with the corset top. It laces up on the back and is made of 100% polyester. Over this, you’ll be wearing the bolero hoodie. It covers your shoulders and leaves your head with the super cute bear ears we were talking about earlier! Then you’ll be wearing a skirt, made of the same material as your corset. For your legs, we’ve included furry leg warmers, and for your hands, we have included mittens that look like bear paws! Lastly, we’ve included a little tail to complete you bear ensemble. BEARSThis costume is a fun take on a black bear, but it still has that scary feel we find with all black bears. If people look scared for a second, that’s okay! Just take off your hood for a moment, they will snap out of it. 

Material: Polyester
Item: BEBW1389

Price: $109.99

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Women’s New York Jets Franchise Fit T-Shirt

This women’s New York Jets franchise fit t-shirt is perfect for game day!


1 – 2 – 3…. J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS Will you bleed white and green until the end? Do you have a long-standing hatred for the New England Patriots? Is there a framed and autographed photo of Don Maynard on your fireplace mantel? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, you are in the right place! You are now able to show your New York Jets Pride, without having to buy a bulky jersey. Cheer the Jets to a Super Bowl victory while looking sporty and stylish. This New York Jets Franchise Fit T-Shirt is perfect for women who want to look cute while they yell for wide receiver, Jeremy Kerley, to score a touchdown. Wear it to the pub to watch the game or even wear it to MetLife Stadium to cheer on the Jets in person! If the copyright police come try to tackle you down, you can stop them in their tracks and tell them to take a hike because this shirt comes officially licensed from your favorite NFL franchise!

Material: Cotton (100%)
Item: MJKSL405658ZUQK

Price: $4.99

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NFL Go For Two IV Indianapolis Colts Women’s Shirt

This is a NFL Go For Two IV Indianapolis Colts Women’s Shirt.


Cheer on your team in the NFL Go For Two IV Indianapolis Colts Women’s Shirt.  It’s time for kickoff!

Material: Cotton (100%)
Item: MJKCFE289989AYW

Price: $2.99

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Kansas City Chiefs Franchise Fit Women’s T-Shirt

This Kansas City Chiefs franchise fit women’s t-shirt is a must have tee for any lady who loves her Kansas City Football!


If you’re ready to watch the Chiefs make their way into the endzone, get this t-shirt to help you cheer on your favorite team in style! This Kansas City Chiefs franchise fit t-shirt has a classic style and soft all cotton construction, so that you can root for your team in total comfort. Get it to show off your team spirit or get it for your favorite fan!

Material: Cotton (100%)
Item: MJKSL404847GUQK

Price: $6.99

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Atlanta Falcons Franchise Fit Women’s T-Shirt

This Atlanta Falcons Franchise Fit Women’s T-Shirt is perfect for any Atlanta Falcons fan!


Heading to the Georgia Dome to catch the Falcons scoring touchdowns in person? You’re going to need some officially licensed NFL apparel! You’ll love taking pictures with friends in this Atlanta Falcons Franchise Fit T-Shirt, especially when Roddy White scores a touchdown. This sporty tee has the Falcons logo right on front so everyone will know what team you’re rooting for!

Material: Cotton (100%)
Item: MJKSL4841587UQK

Price: $6.99

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Green Bay Packers Franchise Fit Women’s T-Shirt

Support the Green Bay Packers on game day with this authentic franchise fit women’s t-shirt.


Go Pack go! If you’ve been known to dabble in cheeseheadery on Sundays, let it show with this franchise fit women’s t-shirt. With a classic Green Bay Packers design, everyone’s going to know that you’re all about that Green Bay football. Get this all cotton tee for your next Sunday or wear it regularly to show your support all week long!

Material: Cotton (100%)
Item: MJKSL405657TUQK

Price: $9.99

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Cozy Fawn Plus Size Women’s Costume

You’ll be to coziest fawn in the forest when you wear this exclusive Cozy Fawn Plus Size Women’s Costume.


OH, DEARY, DEERY!You wouldn’t expect to see a word like schadenfreude appearing on the description of an adorable fawn costume, but it’s ridiculously relevant.  First, off, if you don’t recognize the term, we’re talking about the weird pleasure that someone gets from witnessing someone else in a cringe-worthy or upsetting moment.  It’s German, just like a bunch of fairy stories where we can swear that’s the principal point.But, here’s the thing.  If you stop a minute to think about some of the most tragic moments in our young years, it so often comes down to watching a beloved animal friend being lost or experiencing something pretty tragic.  Whether we’re talking about a horse in the swamps of sadness or a cute floppy-eared elephant being teased or, most tragic of all, a little fawn lost in the forest after watching… his… mom… … Excuse us while we go bawl for a while.FUN DETAILSWell, it is time to reclaim that sadness for something way happier!  And the first step to recovery is to proudly stand up and reclaim those moments for yourself.  We can help with this Cozy Fawn Plus Size Women’s Costume.  This hooded fleece dress is going to be, literally, the most comfortable thing that you’ve ever worn.  The fact that it is adorable thanks to its cotton tail and soft-sculpted antlers, fur ears, and white appliqued spots is only bonus. COZY, CUTE, AND FULL OF VENGEANCEIf you’re still working out your anxiety and sadness over the cruel theft of our favorite little fawn’s mom, you can not only step into a brand new world of comfort and adorability, but stand up for all the cuddly critters of the world and give a nasty slap to those who would dare cripple our childhoods with such traumatic moments!  Now, we just need a few more furry friends for a slumber party!

Material: Polyblend
Item: LEFC85587X

Price: $49.99

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Women’s Harley Quinn Romper Costume

If you love Mr. J, then you’ll definitely wear this Women’s Harley Quinn Romper! It’s based on the Batman villain’s signature outfit.


Do you enjoy fighting Batman? Do you like big hammers? Are you madly in love with Mr. J? You’re sounding an awful lot like the maid of mischief herself, Harley Quinn.Which totally isn’t a bad thing. Our girl Harley is pretty smart. She started as a Psychiatrist treating the Joker in Arkham Asylum before she was taken with him and helped him escape. She’s also pretty saucy with hyenas for pets and a mean array of nasty toys. Did we mention her mad gymnastic skills? She’ll flip across the room to deliver a sound punch to your face just as gracefully as a ballerina. This girl has got skills.Of course, she would probably be better off if she weren’t all gaga over Mr. J all the time. Because surely, if she weren’t still in the honeymoon-phase, she wouldn’t challenge a hulking vigilante that dresses up like a bat. Still. At least she keeps upbeat and has a fabulous sense of style.If you still feel like you’re ready to take on the Bats on behalf of the Joker, then this Women’s Harley Quinn Romper might be right for you. Based on the classic DC cartoon character, this jumpsuit is mostly cotton and comes in Harley’s classic red and black two-tone with white printed details, a zipper down the front, and hood with half mask. It combines just the right amount of sinister and cute (which is totally Harley). Once you have it on, you may find yourself concocting mischievous plans for Gotham City, but hey, we don’t blame you.

Material: Cottonblend
Item: UGWB086857

Price: $39.99

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Women’s Kansas City Chiefs NFL Sweatpants

These Women’s Kansas City Chiefs NFL Sweatpants is perfect for a serious NFL fan who enjoy sweatpants weather!


Go Chiefs! If you’d like to support your favorite team even when you’re dressed down, these Kansas City Chiefs sweatpants will be just the ticket. They’ll keep you cozy and comfortable while you’re watching the big game on Sunday. Do a little tailgating or just post up on the couch with these sweats, and you’re sure to look like a Chiefs super fan.

Material: Cottonblend
Item: MJKU42171B7GUQT

Price: $17.99

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