Pokemon Boys Pikachu Costume Sweatshirt

This Pokemon Pikachu Costume Hooded Sweatshirt for boys will make a perfect gift for your favorite Pokemon fan!


“Pikachu, I chose you!”Is it any wonder that Pikachu is Ash’s favorite Pokemon? Of course not! Pikachus are the coolest Pokemon out there. Sure, they may not be as big as a Wailord or as powerful as a Vaporeon, but they’re way, way cuter. Plus, they are surprisingly powerful in their own ways. They can shoot lightning out of their tails, for crying out loud! If you get enough of them together, they can even cause a lightning storm. That’s pretty cool.There are a lot of cool little details when it comes to Pikachu. Did you know the species got its name from combining two Japanese sounds? “Pika” is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the noise made by electricity crackling and sparking, while “chu” is how Japanese imitate the sound of a mouse. Pikachu originally wasn’t meant to be the Pokemon mascot, but people loved it so much that it stole the role away from Clefairy. Now, Pikachu is so popular that it’s the Japanese equivalent of Mickey Mouse, and people are actually hired to dress up like Pikachu and go to places like birthday parties and amusement parks.Now, your kid can choose Pikachu too, thanks to this Pokemon Boys Pikachu Costume Hooded Sweatshirt. The cotton/polyester blend sweatshirt features an adorable character hood, complete with Pika’s smiling face and a pair of pointy ears. Pika’s signature lightning bolt tail is printed on the back. Your kid will be warm and toasty in no time with this sweatshirt… Just watch out for any accidental shocks!

Material: Cottonblend
Item: FZMUSB156-6B30

Price: $24.99

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Pokemon Team Rocket James Men’s Costume

Why catch Pokemon on your own when you can make Ash do all the work and steal from him? These are the kinds of things you will be thinking about when you wear this Pokemon Team Rocket James Men’s Costume.


Here’s something we never got about Team Rocket. Their whole goal was to steal rare Pokémon, right? So they spent nearly every waking moment of their lives trying to kidnap one single Pikachu, despite the fact that you can catch one in the wild within, like, 30 minutes of starting a new game of Pokémon Red. We’re pretty sure Professor Oak would have just given them an even rarer Pokémon if they’d just asked him nicely. That’s kind of what he’s there for. And where does all this thievery get them? Stomped, zapped, and otherwise blasted at the speed of light into the outer atmosphere for 671 consecutive TV episodes. You’d think they’d eventually get the message. Team Rocket’s three members are Jessie, James, and a talking Meowth named — wait for it — Meowth. (Why they never addressed the fact that Team Rocket had one of the world’s only talking Pokémon is beyond us too — wouldn’t that make Meowth far more valuable than a Pikachu who could only say his own name?) James prefers poison-type Pokémon, which are a really good idea to carry exclusively because it’s not like one single low level psychic-type could wipe out your entire team in five seconds. At least he has style — it’s widely known that guys who carry around a rose are always a hit with the ladies. With our James Team Rocket Costume you’ll have all the clothes you need to capture the lovable scamp’s look. All you’ll need is the handsome brigand’s impossible purple anime hair, which we conveniently also have in stock, and to teach your cat how to come up with snappy one liners. This will be hard to do, and once you have other people are sure to try to steal him from you. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

Material: Polyester
Item: RU887328

Price: $49.99

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Eevee Pokemon Large Stuffed Toy

Give this Eevee Large Stuffed Toy to the young (or young at heart!) Pokemon fan in your life.


Eevee time. And no, we’re not talking about in the card game. Or on the television series. Or even in Pokemon Go! We’re talking about a real-life Eevee, just for you and right in your own home. “Just how is that possible?” you might ask yourself. Well, obviously we’re talking about this Jumbo Eevee Plush Pokemon Toy!So soft, and so snuggly, you might be expecting lightning bolts to come out of it when you give it a big ol’ squeeze. Any kid or Pokemon collector will love to have this toy. You could set it up on your desk to show of your Pokemon super fan status, or have it set up as great decor on a kid’s bed. Of course, this Eevee is always ready for play time, too!This Eevee plush is officially licensed from Tomy Toys, and it’s ready for the Pokemon fan you know. It stands about 9 inches tall and is almost 11 inches long. Soft polyester fabric and fleece truly make this plush a very Pokelicious addition to any fan’s collection!

Material: Polyester
Item: TOMT18983

Price: $19.99

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Pokemon Rotom Pokedex + Great Ball

This is a Pokeball Great Ball with Rotom Pokedex figurine.


Finally, a Pokémon that’s useful to those of us who aren’t interested in duking it out with other trainers! Machamp might be good at laying the beat down to other Pokémon, but when you’re done adventuring and you just need to relax at home, he’s not all that helpful. Koffing might be an excellent choice for battling Grass-type Pokémon, but he’s mostly just a gassy mess when you let him roam around your living room.Rotom is different. Rotom has the common decency to evolve into a microwave oven that can heat up your leftovers. He can also turn into a washing machine to help you keep your clothes clean. He can even turn into an electric fan or a lawnmower to help you out during those summer months. He’s literally the best Pokémon to ever exist in our eyes, which is why this Rotom Pokedex toy is clearly the best Pokémon toy available.It comes with a small figure of the little critter along with a toy Great Ball. Unfortunately, this one won’t wash your clothes for you, but he’s certainly fun to play with!

Material: Plastic
Item: TOMT19107

Price: $9.99

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Pokemon Pikachu 3D Puzzle

Build your own Pikachu from Pokemon with this 3D puzzle set for ages 8 and up.


We’ve been searching for our very own pet Pikachu for quite some time now. We’ve looked high and low for one too. We’ve checked every pet store in our state and scoured the internet looking to adopt a Pikachu but we haven’t found one yet.    Catching one virtually was the best we could do, but owning a virtual pet is not as gratifying as owning a real pet. Giving up our dream of owning one of these cute, yellow, electric-type Pokemon crossed our mind, but luckily our hopes were lifted when this Pikachu puzzle suddenly fell into our laps. This 3D puzzle offers us the availability to build our own pet. No, our Pikachu can’t breathe and no, our Pikachu can’t perform a Thunder Shock attack but it can sit on our lap and watch episodes of Pokemon with us. Once the officially licensed 3D puzzle is assembled, it measures 10.5 inches tall and 6 inches wide so it’s perfectly capable of being hauled around like a real live pet. This puzzle will definitely fill our Pikachu void until we’re finally able to get our hands on a genuine pet Pika!           

Material: Foam Rubber
Item: UPD53265

Price: $14.99

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Pokemon Poke Ball Ceramic Bank

Catch all your savings in this Pokemon Poke Ball ceramic bank.


Dollar Bill… I choose you! You’ve been saving your Pokémon Dollars for awhile now and we’re impressed. You’re so fiscally responsible at such a young age which is a feat not accomplished by many even at a mature age. Whether you’re saving all your money for a new bicycle or you’re waiting for the next rainy day, this Pokémon ceramic bank will become your new best friend. (Yes, you may even come to like it more than your treasured Pikachu plush. *GASP*)Shaped and designed to look like an animated Poke Ball, this bank holds all your money conveniently while adding the perfect touch to any Pokémon themed room. Whenever you’re ready to blow the bank on something special you’ve been eyeing, you can just pop out the plug at the bank’s bottom. No hammering or smashing required! Save those moves for your next Pokémon battle.      

Material: Ceramic
Item: UPDFK23572322

Price: $16.99

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Pokemon Clip n’ Carry Poke Ball Belt

Become a Pokemon trainer with this Pokemon clip n’ carry Poke Ball belt.


Do you really want to be the very best, like no one ever was? Is catching them, your real test? But, of course, training them is your cause. Do you have a heart so true, that your courage will pull you through? Do you bump into Team Rocket on the regular? Well, then obviously, you’re a true Pokemon trainer like Ash Ketchum (and yes, being a Pokemon Go trainer counts). Don’t head out into the world without bringing the most important tool for a trainer, the Poke ball!This Pokemon Clip n’ Carry Belt gives you the perfect accessory to carry all of your Poke balls. The belt comes with two balls that attach right to the belt. That way, when you see that Bulbasaur hanging out at the park, you’ll have a ball ready at your side! And this set even comes with a few Pikachu action figures, so you can practice your curve ball Poke-throw.

Material: Plastic
Item: TOMT18889D

Price: $24.99

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Pokemon Pikachu Costume Kit

This Pokemon Pikachu Costume Kit might be electrifying for any Pokemon fan! Become the adorable Nintendo mascot with this costume kit.


Everyone in Kanto and every single region that we’ve explored since have all had one thing in common: an unending fascination for the most epic Pokémon of all… Pikachu. Some might argue that Charmander is the guy to root for. Others go for the omni-guy, Ditto. That’s natural—why not go for the Pokémon who can be all Pokémon!? But, there’s nothing like the original. Who can blame them? You’ve got the perfect blend of A+ power and A-dorable! But, the best part about the electric mouse type and rarest of starter Pokémon is the cute costume changes that it manages to slip into throughout its epic adventures. Ready to join in the fun?Well, rather than running off to catch your own, we’ve got an even better idea. With this officially licensed Pokémon Pikachu costume kit, you can transform into the plush lightning-blaster yourself. Pop on the Pikachu ears and plush lightning bolt tail and you’ll be right where you need to learn all the best moves. But, why stop there!? Channel even more of the Pokémon mascot’s might and mix it up some more. Add some vampire fangs for a Dracachu or some nice metallic bracers and wiring to amp up your electric mojo as Pika-bot. ‘Cause, hey, Pokémon is nothing if not some serious creativity!

Material: Polyblend
Item: RU32836

Price: $14.99

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Pokemon Psyduck Stuffed Toy

Have your very own Psyduck with this Pokemon Psyduck Stuffed Toy. This one is also much easier to catch!


Psyduck, we totally feel you, man. Sometimes the world is just so darn stressful that it can give you a splitting headache. You can’t think straight and your otherwise razor-sharp mind feels like it’s only working at about 50%. Then, Misty yells at you to use Psybeam and you accidentally use Tail Whip instead with some comically disastrous results! Alright, so maybe that last part has never happened to us, but we can imagine that if it ever did happen to us, we’d need a hug.Now, you can give Psyduck the kind of love he deserves! This plush Pokemon toy comes with an adorable look that’s based on the cute critter from the video game and anime series. He’s made of 100% polyester and he’s posed in his classic “I have a headache” stance. You can hug him and tell him that everything is going to be alright and maybe his headache will finally go away!

Material: Polyester
Item: TOMT19313

Price: $9.99

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Zygarde Core Stuffed Pokemon Toy

This Zygarde Core Stuffed Toy is soft, cute and makes a great gift idea for any Pokemon fan!


ZYGARDE CORE: THE TRUE BRAINSWell, hello there! We are pleased to have you meet this cute little Pokemon Zygarde core stuffed toy This talented little fella makes up the brain of the massive Zygarde who stands over 16 feet tall and that’s only at 50 percent form. Zygarde Core may be little but he gives the hefty Zygarde it’s ability to learn irreplaceable and invaluable new tricks to take into battle. Zygarde most definitely needs Zygarde Core to succeed in battle.FUN DETAILSThis soft plush Pokemon Zygarde Core toy comes in at a whopping 9 inches tall. It is made up of 100 percent polyester and brains! This cute and cuddly Zygarde plush has fantastic design details. It features a unique applique face and distinctive red hexagon shapes on the front. This toy is soft enough to cuddle all night, yet, fierce enough to succeed in making sure Zygarde wins every battle. SMART AND CUDDLYWhat more could you need in life than to have a plush cuddly toy that literally makes up the brain of the 16 plus foot tall Zygarde? Who knows?! Maybe anyone that is lucky enough to own this impossibly cute and cuddly Pokemon Zygarde Core toy gets to wake up every day, smarter and smarter.

Material: Polyester
Item: TOMT19311

Price: $9.99

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