Harry Potter Severus Snape 8″ Polystone Statue

The mysterious yet stoic style of Severus Snape is captured in this 8 inch statue, a great addition to any Harry Potter collectible collection. Made from polystone, each statue is hand painted, individually numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authent


This is a polystone statue of Severus Snape from Harry Potter.

Material: Resin
Item: DCAPR188377

Price: $84.99

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POP! Harry Potter Vinyl Figure

You need to add ‘the boy who lived’ to your collection. This POP! Harry Potter Vinyl Figure will look great on your desk.


Wingardium Leviosa! Start practicing that incantation because it makes objects levitate toward you. Learn the spell and get the wrist flick down, and you’ll make this POP! Harry Potter Vinyl Figure float toward you. You can keep it on your desk or your dresser until you can make the figure float to you. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it!

Material: Vinyl
Item: FN5858

Price: $9.99

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Men’s Harry Potter Dumbledore Mask

Become the Headmaster of Hogwarts and the leader of the Order of the Phoenix with this Men’s Harry Potter Dumbledore Mask.


We were unable to get our hands on a Polyjuice Potion, but we aren’t exactly complaining about it. (We heard that it’s brutal trying to choke down the foul-tasting liquid anyway.) Even though we are very relieved that we don’t have to gulp down a flask filled with a nasty-tasting potion, we also feel a tinge of slight disappointment. We desperately want to transform into the greatest Headmaster to have ever lived, not to mention our wizarding idol, Albus Dumbledore.We scoured our office, studio, and warehouse in search of an authentic disguise that will change us into a Dumbledore doppelganger and luckily we found this mask. This full Dumbledore mask is meticulously crafted from latex to showcase the popular Headmaster’s most notable characteristic. Long grey hair, a matching beard, glasses, and an attached hat are all featured on this officially licensed Harry Potter mask. Plus, putting it on did not leave a bad taste in our mouth!    

Material: Latex
Item: RU68340

Price: $54.99

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Funko Movie Moment Pop! Harry Potter- Ron Riding Chess Piece

The greatest game of Wizard Chess ever played can be captured by this Funko Movie Moment Pop! Harry Potter- Ron Riding Wizard Chess Piece Figure! This figure from the first Harry Potter movie features Ron riding his chess piece across the board!


This is a Funko Movie Moment Pop! Harry Potter- Ron Riding Wizard Chess Piece figure.

Material: Vinyl
Item: FN35518

Price: $29.99

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POP Harry Potter: George Weasley Vinyl Figure

This POP vinyl figure of George Weasley is perfect for fans of Harry Potter.


The Weasley brothers were always a force of entertainment to be relied on at Hogwarts, even after they left in a pretty spectacular fashion. Is there any better way to drop out of school than setting off enchanted fireworks during a grueling OWLs exam? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Even after the Weasleys left, they still had a pretty entertaining presence in the hallowed halls of the ancient school. Try as they might the Hogwarts staff could never keep all those Weasley and Weasley products off campus.  This George figurine is the perfect way to celebrate the mischievous yet courageous duo! The head rotates so he can keep his oversized eyes wide open for his next trouble making opportunity. George, especially when he’s paired with his twin, Fred is sure to add interest to your Harry Potter Pop! Vinyl collection. And one thing is for sure, where ever you put him he’s sure to be a force of mischief. 

Material: Vinyl
Item: FN10986

Price: $9.99

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POP Harry Potter: Fred Weasley Vinyl Figure

Complete your Harry Potter POP collection with this Fred Weasley vinyl figure.


Fred Weasley: troublemaker, Quidditch beater, rebel, and genius inventor. We don’t want to cover Fred’s courageous and tragic end so we’ll just get it out of the way here. When nodding to the courageous and mischievous Fred Weasley we should focus on the way he and his twin brother shook things up at Hogwarts. They were always keeping the professors on their toes with non-stop tricks, they even set up a joke shop in the seventh-floor bathroom. By the way, we know the professors at Hogwarts are busy but how do they miss all the crazy hijinks that go down in the bathrooms? This Fred vinyl Pop! figure is sure to help you keep his weirdly industrious and totally mischievous personality in mind as you go about your day-to-day. He’s carrying a briefcase full of his trickster inventions like he’s about to peddle some trouble to his good ol’ Hogwarts pals. Now, get out there and get up to no good! 

Material: Vinyl
Item: FN10985

Price: $9.99

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Pop! Harry Potter: Luna Lovegood (Lion Head) Vinyl Figure

Add to your POP vinyl collection with this figure of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter wearing her Lion Head hat.


‘And Harry Potter’s now having an argument with his Keeper,’ said Luna serenely, while both Hufflepuffs and Slytherins below in the crowd cheered and jeered. ‘I don’t think that’ll help him find the Snitch, but maybe it’s a clever ruse…’Luna Lovegood is so perfectly quirky and caring, she won all of our hearts the instant we met her on the Hogwarts Express. She might have gotten well known around school for her odd theories and seeing animals that may or may not have been there but that didn’t mean that she didn’t have a few talents hidden up her sleeves.We were all more interested in Quidditch once she was the one high up in the stands, announcing the Quidditch scores! Sure, McGonagall might have had to remind her of the names of the players and the score, for that matter but no other Quidditch commentator has ever dressed with so much pizzaz!This four and a half inch tall Pop vinyl character has an oversized head that can rotate so she can keep track of the game. This is a character who knows how to show her Gryffindor pride!

Material: Vinyl
Item: FN14944

Price: $12.99

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POP Harry Potter: Bellatrix Lestrange Vinyl Figure

Add to your collection of POP Harry Potter characters with this Bellatrix vinyl figure.


Bellatrix Lestrange? More like Bellatrix Lestrangest! Known for her insane laughter and a propensity for casting Unforgivable Curses, Bellatrix is a malevolent witch who is just as eccentric as she is mean. She’ll shoot a green light from her wand, yell “Avada Kedavra,” and then cackle deliriously once her adversary is lying on the floor lifeless. The term “wicked witch” definitely applies to Bellatrix but one could also label her as a “wacky witch” too. And because we are eternal optimists, we choose to overlook her depravity and focus on Bellatrix’s quirkiness instead! Voldemort’s most loyal support is now ready to support you. If you’re looking for a rather eccentric friend who’ll have your back til the very end, then this Bellatrix Lestrange Funko POP! is the perfect addition to your Harry Potter themed collection. The vinyl figure is clutching her wand, prepared to strike anyone daring enough to defy you!  

Material: Vinyl
Item: FN10984

Price: $9.99

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Harry Potter Paperback Box Set Books 1-7

Start your Harry Potter adventure with the entire HP book serires when you get this Harry Potter Paperback Box Set that includes books 1-7.


Taking Pageturner to a Magical LevelThere are very few feelings as magical as reading a really good book when you’re a kid. Remember that feeling? Maybe it’s the middle of summer break and you curl up lazily on the porch and allow yourself to be transported to another world for hours. Before you know it the shadows are crawling in, the sun is going down, and your folks are calling you in for dinner. And while your head is so full of that world that you can hardly concentrate on eating your spaghetti without rolling your meatballs across the floor you know you’re going to lay out on your bed and finish the last couple chapters after you’re done helping clean up the dishes. Sure, you could have played video games or watched a movie with your family but when it came to reading a series that’s as exciting and immersive as Harry Potter, it’s hard to stray away and do anything else!Product DetailsThis beautifully illustrated box holds all seven books from the Harry Potter Series. From The Philosopher’s Stone to The Deathly Hallows, your child will love following the series as their reading skills flourish. Whether you begin reading your child the series at bedtime or this set is for an independent bookworm, the gorgeous colors of the box are sure to entice any child to get into the adventure. Read and RereadThe beauty of the Harry Potter series is how easy it is to reread. So, while you might read the chapters to your child before they’ve moved beyond picture books, you can be sure that once chapter books are in their arsenal they’ll be rereading these adventures for themselves. There aren’t many tales that can carry through from grade school to high school but when you’ve got friends like Harry, Ron, and Hermione, there’s no way you’re going to leave them behind!

Material: Paper
Item: SCH978-0-545-16207-4

Price: $74.99

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