Womens Star Wars Ewok T-Shirt

This womens Star Wars t-shirt features a vintage image of an Ewok on the front and is produced by Junk Food.


Straight from Endor comes this Women’s Junk Food Ewok T-shirt. It features a vintage image of an Ewok emblazoned on its front with an important message: “Save the trees.” And, really, isn’t that something we can all get behind, Rebel or Imperial, light-sider or dark? They might not be very outdoorsy in their elegant black fabrics, but even Sith need to breathe.No one loves the trees like the Ewoks. They worship their spirits, and protect their ancestor trees from the villainous Duloks and Morag the Tulga Witch, who would see the Great Forest burn without a second thought! What, do you not remember that part of Star Wars? Clearly you weren’t watching enough TV in the 80s, because the Ewoks and their bizarre fantasy world of Endor was a staple of live-action and animation, with all the other Star Wars elements removed. So next time you’re playing “drop the sack” down in the woods, think of Wicket, Paploo, Logray, and all your other Ewok friends, and try to be a little more green.

Material: Cotton (100%)
Item: JUSW1394710

Price: $16.99

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Star Wars Ewok Spaced Out Men’s T-Shirt

Space out when you you get this Star Wars Ewok Spaced Out T-shirt. It’s a funky shirt commemorating everyone’s favorite Ewok, Wicket W Warrick!


We’re not sure if Ewoks ever made it off of Endor to explore the galaxy, but it’d be kind of fun to imagine if they did. Sure, they wouldn’t be able to utilize boulders and logs to their benefit in outer space, but we’re confident that they’d have plenty of adventures exploring the stars. If you were going to commemorate an Ewok adventure like that, you’d definitely want this t-shirt to show it off! With a cool space design, it’s a fun way to let others know that you think that the furry little guys are a LOT cooler than they’re generally regarded for.

Material: Cotton (100%)
Item: HB1SWC1331SSP

Price: $6.99

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Toddler Ewok Costume

Licensed Toddler Ewok Costume


What do you when your toddler is a bit…rebellious? Your little one may want to help overthrow the Empire or maybe just nap time, but either way, we can think of no better costume for your bear to wear as he defends himself…to stay up past his bedtime. Of course, now that your kiddo is dressed in this Toddler Ewok Costume, you will need to help him integrate him into everyone’s favorite furry species so he can grow into his role, gracefully. Bedtime stories must become tales of forest survival and impart to him that he lives on the moon of Endor, now. He already has that whole adorable curiosity thing down and he’s naturally a quick learner, so that will be an easy transition. And he is already getting pretty good at building things (though he hasn’t mastered a glider, yet). So it looks like he’s on the right track to helping the rebels win the Battle of Endor. Maybe another year or two. One thing is for sure: it is important not to underestimate your little Ewok. Once you see him in this adorable outfit, though, it will be hard not to see him, immediately, as a fierce ally of the alliance. This look is both comfy, cozy, and cute–but don’t be fooled, your kiddo is a force to be reckoned with. Don’t believe us? Try cooking up some broccoli while he’s dressed in this tunic. Try serving it to him. Go on. Try it. See just how adorable your Ewok really is!

Material: Polyester
Item: RU885773

Price: $19.99

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