Captain Marvel Kree Suit Deluxe Child Costume

Inside everyone, is a hero. Show off your inner hero with the Captain Marvel Kree Suit Deluxe Child Costume!


GIRL, WHY YOU ACKIN’ SO KREE-KREE?Carol Danvers is a Kree. Or at least, she’s a half-human, half-Kree hybrid. That means that she has the compassion and passionate disposition of human, but she also has the stellar superpowers of a full-blooded Kree. It’s the best of both worlds and it’s why she acts a little Kree-Kree sometimes! It’s also what landed her a position on the famous team led by Star Commander Mar-vell, known as Starforce.  Does your girl want a spot on the Starforce team? Does she want to fight against evil villains in the universe? Does she want to act a little bit Kree-Kree? Well, then she’s going to want a costume that transforms her into Captain Marvel!FUN DETAILSThis child Captain Marvel Kree costume does a great job of recreating Carol Danvers Starforce outfit from the movie. It comes with a black jumpsuit that has plenty of printed details on the front to simulate the look of an armored flight suit. The shoulders, printed belt, parts of the sleeves, and the pants have teal accents. It also features silver accents on the sleeves, chest, and pant legs, and the chest even has a silver star on it. The sleeves end in attached fingerless gloves and the legs feature elastic bands to fit around your child’s shoes. The finishing touch to this outfit is the mask, which fits with an elastic band and faithfully recreates the look from the Captain Marvel movie.THANOS, WATCH OUT!If your child dreams of being a half-Kree superhero, then it’s time to get her the outfit to match! This costume acts as a great way for your girl to play as the iconic Marvel superhero and will help her feel like the powerful savior of the universe! She might even be ready to take on Thanos himself.

Material: Polyester
Item: RU700598

Price: $39.99

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Captain Marvel Deluxe Child Costume

Transform your child into Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, the ultimate hero. The Captain Marvel Deluxe Child Costume will have you saving the day!


The Big LeaguesCarol Danvers is a big deal. She was an ace pilot for the U.S. Air Force. After she got some superpowers, she became the most powerful superhero in the galaxy. She served on Star Command as Commander Mar-Vell’s number one team member. Then, she went on to use her powers to protect Earth from dangerous alien invasions and we have the sneaking suspicion that she may be the key to defeating Thanos! She doesn’t mess around with the minor league stuff, because she a major player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.Is your girl ready to join the big leagues? Does she have the attitude and moral fiber of a superhero? Then maybe she’s ready to step into the shoes of Carol Danvers by wearing this Captain Marvel deluxe costume for kids!Fun DetailsThis child Captain Marvel comes with everything your child needs (aside from cool Kree powers) to break into the superhero game. It comes with a dark blue jumpsuit that has printed armor details on it to recreate the look from the movie. The top has bright red accents and gold stripes. It even has a bright gold star in the center of the chest. It has fingerless gloves attached to the sleeves and elastic straps on the legs to fit into your child’s boots. Finally, the included mask recreates the look of the mask worn by Carol in the movie. It’s bright red with printed details and fits with an elastic band in back.Destined for GreatnessIf your girl is destined for great things, like Carol Danvers, then maybe she’s ready to dress up as the might Captain Marvel. Maybe she can patrol the neighborhood for Skrull spies or head on adventures with the family cat, just like the real Carol Danvers. She could even lead a team of heroes against Thanos!

Material: Polyester
Item: RU700597

Price: $39.99

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Women’s 8 pc Deluxe Black Bear Costume

Let your inner wild side out with this 8 pc Deluxe Black Bear Costume! This sexy and cute bear costume will have people forgetting that you’re actually a ferocious wild animal!


BLACK BEARS Black bears leave us with mixed emotions. Maybe this sounds like a weirdly passionate stance to have on one specific animal, but allow us to explain and you might find that you agree! Firstly, it’s no secret that bears are scary. Bears are way too strong, they are huge, and they have massive teeth and claws that make us think they were made to be killers. Though we suppose that they were, thanks to evolution. But evolution also made black bears insanely cute. They have thick black fur and cute little ears and a brown little nose that makes you want to say “aw”. This is where the mixed emotions come in. Every time we see a black bear, we don’t know how to feel. We feel both happy, due to the bear’s cuteness, and scared, due to the bear’s ferocious nature. We are in an emotional dilemma that we might not ever solve! FUN DETAILS This costume perfectly embodies a black bear’s scary and adorable characteristics! It starts with the corset top. It laces up on the back and is made of 100% polyester. Over this, you’ll be wearing the bolero hoodie. It covers your shoulders and leaves your head with the super cute bear ears we were talking about earlier! Then you’ll be wearing a skirt, made of the same material as your corset. For your legs, we’ve included furry leg warmers, and for your hands, we have included mittens that look like bear paws! Lastly, we’ve included a little tail to complete you bear ensemble. BEARSThis costume is a fun take on a black bear, but it still has that scary feel we find with all black bears. If people look scared for a second, that’s okay! Just take off your hood for a moment, they will snap out of it. 

Material: Polyester
Item: BEBW1389

Price: $109.99

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Superman Dawn of Justice Deluxe Men’s Costume

Look just like Superman from the Batman vs Superman movie in this officially licensed Deluxe Superman Dawn of Justice Men’s Costume.


How often have you stood on the edge of a wall or rooftop and just stared into the air with the wondrous idea of leaping up and soaring. Oh, to be the Man of Steel and fly through the sky, ready to tackle any daunting threat that may come around, seeking to cause harm to any of the human race. Of course, just being Superman is easier said than done. The endless debate has raged on since the golden days of comic book lore and continues to incite rage into the geekdom, even now. It’s natural. We see our favorite heroes leap into the fray and put their lives on the line and heads in the (sometimes literal) guillotine in order to bring down the big bads and save the day. But, eventually, we have to ask what would happen in a fight of hero versus hero. We never really thought that we’d have an answer to those kinds of questions, until of course Dawn of Justice came around to give us an inkling. The Man of Steel versus the Caped Crusader. Superman versus Batman. Some laugh at the mere idea of the contest. Not only is Superman too good a guy to fight a human, but… even a fraction of Kal El’s power would be more than enough to squish a bat, right!? Well, that’s true until you account for the genius level intellect, fighting prowess, and unlimited access to pretty crazy tech that a certain billionaire detective has in his hands.But, you don’t have to bring it down to fisticuffs to find out. You can slip into this officially licensed Deluxe Superman Dawn of Justice costume and go toe-to-toe with Batman in any number of non-lethal competitions. In this Velcro jumpsuit with soft-sculpted fiberfill muscles in your chest and abs, you’ll look every part of Superman while the comfortably fitting cape will have you looking ready for flight at a moment’s notice. No cheating, though. You could try Pin the Grin on the Joker or have a good old fashioned eating competition. Just don’t fall for Batman’s tricks when he offers to play “Who can Hold the Green Rock the Longest!?”

Material: Polyester
Item: RU810925

Price: $54.99

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Deluxe Gamora Costume Coat

Fight intergalactic villains in this Deluxe Gamora Coat.


When you’re dressing up as Gamora it’s nice to have an extra layer for when you end up on a planet with a chillier temperature. This coat looks just like the one in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 so you won’t have to break character. Gamora would approve of you showing up prepared.

Material: Polyester
Item: RU820663

Price: $49.99

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Boys Civil War Iron Man Deluxe Costume

Your child will look just like Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War in this deluxe costume for boys.


I am Iron Man! Captain America was pretty lucky that Iron Man was pulling his punches in Captain America: Civil War. We mean, we totally respect Cap. In the comics he can snap steel chains like they were made out of raw spaghetti, hurl his vibranium shield right through a box truck, and he can even dodge bullets. But Iron Man can rip a plane in half with his bare hands, sustain multiple nuclear explosions like they were water balloons, accelerate to mach 4 nearly instantaneously, and even see everywhere on earth all at once courtesy of his ability to interface with every satellite in orbit. We get it — Civil War wouldn’t have been very interesting if Iron Man hit Cap with a 20,000 degree unibeam blast in the first three minutes of the movie, but keep in mind that the comics spell a different story if the two titans ever really clashed. Why do we love Iron Man so much? Sure, it doesn’t hurt that he’s played by Robert Downey Jr., an actor so handsome and charismatic that he almost puts writers to shame. He’s proof that you don’t need a blast of Gamma Radiation, a dose of super soldier serum, or a birth certificate from Valhalla to give space aliens and super robots a run for their money. All you need is an over-sized ego, a sweet robotics workshop, and an eye for fashionable paint jobs, and you too can be one of the most powerful heroes in the Avengers. If you want to dress up as Iron Man from his latest appearance in Captain America: Civil War, our officially licensed Boys Iron Man Deluxe Costume is just the outfit to do it in. It’s a lovingly detailed jumpsuit and mask right out of the movie, perfect for fighting the Hulk, Ultron, Thanos, Jeff Bridges, or even Mickey Rourke in!

Material: Polyester
Item: RU620592

Price: $39.99

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Witch King Deluxe Costume

This is a Witch King Deluxe Costume.


Every year, we see a series of folks come and go who are all trying their hardest to pull off a really convincing look.  Perhaps they want to be a spirit.  They want flowing, tattered clothes.  They want to seem like they are flying, dark, sinister, scary, and obviously something that cannot be killed.  After all, how are you going to kill something that is already dead!?  And, if it isn’t spirits, people are always seeking to go the route of the witch or wizard.  “Magic!” they all cry and we are more than happy to answer those wishes.  Unfortunately, magic is a tough one to predict.  Things never seem to turn out exactly the way we expect.But, we should have expected that you were going to throw us for a loop.  Both!?  Undead and a Witch?  Sheesh!  We were just about to give up until we recalled something that might be perfect written in the old histories of Middle-Earth.  Now, we’re not saying that this is ideal, but the whole “can be killed by no man” does sound pretty promising.  Now, the “Witch King of Angmar” and “Lord of the Nazgûl” is maybe a little more intimidating.  But, we have no doubt that a Númenórean ruler like yourself will handle the responsibilities with grace and honor… at least until Sauron commands you to act differently, we suppose.In the mean time, though, this Deluxe Witch King Costume is the perfect garb to fit all of your lofty ambitions.  The polyester robe is multi-layered to give you that flowing and torn look while the latex mask shows that you are unquestionably from an age long past and definitely not one to bother!  Don your matching gauntlets and shoe covers to complete the transformation, though an age-worn icy longblade accessory wouldn’t hurt your terrifying appearance one bit!  (We’re still working on your horrifying flying mount monster.)  

Material: Polyester
Item: RU56161

Price: $139.99

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Adult Deluxe Red Queen Costume

Ruling Wonderland with elegance in this officially licensed Adult Deluxe Red Queen Costume.


The Red Queen gets a bad rap. Sure, she might have a less than patient temper. The thing is, she’s trying to rule over a land that already has an authoritative monarch, chaos! It’s a land where riddles are thrown around with no answer other than, perhaps, another riddle. Animals hop about behaving irradicably or, if they’ve got their wits about them, they can’t even arrive to a croquette tournament on time.  The Royal household is pretty good at embracing chaos as well, to be fair. Anyone who plays croquette using a nervous group of hedgehogs for balls and easily distracted flamingos for mallets doesn’t really value stability. It definitely adds some interest into those stuffy palace events. Well, the Red Queen does her best to bring some authority to Wonderland, although, has anyone ever told her about alternative punishments to beheading? Maybe someone should have gifted her with a fancy set of stocks, that would be nice, right? Well, at least it would be better than her go-to reaction to any kind of disrespect. Okay, she might not have been the best ruler but you really can’t knock her sense of style! This costume embraces all of the colorful style that the red Queen rocks. The dress really makes an impact with a black bodice with a colorful panel in the middle. The sleeves are puffed and printed jewelry frames the wide white collar. The skirt is full at the top and is made of a variety of red materials: sheer sparkly tulle, a red netted material, and a silky hearted fabric. Pair this gorgeous dress with a red Queen wig to make this eye-catching look complete.  

Material: Polyblend
Item: DI10184

Price: $89.99

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Deluxe Southern Belle Womens Costume

You will belong in the Hart of Dixie in this Adult Deluxe Southern Belle Costume! Pair this costume with a smile and your best southern charm to have a magnificent evening!


Fairytale VeilBeing asked to dance by a true southern gentleman—you know, like from the movies—becomes less of a hypothetical when you slip into this Adult Deluxe Southern Belle Costume. Ice-cold glasses of sweet tea, barrels full of those famous friend green tomatoes, all the sunshine we need but don’t deserve: all of that just sort of appears in this. Like a fairytale veil over an otherwise dim, dark existence. You’ll be the bright, shining center of attention in this gorgeous purple gown! Who knew a life lived on hommocks and on sunny porches would be so darn content for us?!FUN DetailsYou will instantly be brought back in time to the good ole’ days when you slip into our authentic southern belle satin dress, complete with all of the belles and whistles, including tulle overlays, three tiers of ruffles and ribbons, and a classic-styled hat. Southern Belles did not like to sun to be shining directly on their perfect porcelain skin. Having donned our Adult Deluxe Southern Belle Costume, you are sure to demand if not respect at least awe from anyone who crosses your path. And you can share the spotlight with your lovely crew, too, because this elegant ensemble comes in child and plus sizes!Embrace the CultureLife seems easier for southern belles. They get to spend their days cultivating an general aura of loveliness, brushing on up on their etiquette, and preparing for their quarterly debutante balls. Channel your inner Scarlett O’Hara in our Southern Belle costume. You will feel as if you’re right at home on that old plantation. You better start brushing up on your southern accent, and your curtsy, and your aura of general loveliness! We know you’ve got it, now all you need to do is slip into this and flaunt it.

Material: Polyester
Item: FUN6073AD

Price: $49.99

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Deluxe Blue 60’s Swinger Mens Costume

If your charm is off the charts and you can rock a blue velvet suit like a boss then this Deluxe Blue 60’s Swinger Mens Costume is just the costume for you!


WHO NEEDS BOND WHEN YOU CAN HAVE GROOVY?When international crimes are about to hit the streets, who do you really want at your back?  Some murdery crime solver with a penchant for numbers and double ohs?  Or would you prefer a snazzy dresser, fantastic dancer, and mojo master who is full of oooohhs!?  Yeah, that’s right, baby!  You want the mojo to stand straight up and show all the evils where they can go, whether they’re misters, doctors, or even if they just got a liberal arts degree from Cal Tech!  Now, such heroes have to be spread out over a long time, since they don’t just come around every day.  It’s sure a good thing that we’ve perfected cryogenics and keep our favorite 1960s swinger available just in case something disastrous is about to befall the rest of the world in our modern era.  And, while we don’t have a specific expectation of one right now, it is always nice to get the ice dust off.FUN DETAILSSoooo, we think it is time that you get that mojo running with this Deluxe Blue 60’s Swinger Men’s Costume.  This beautiful velvet combination jacket and pant will make you stand out in ways that nothing else could approach!  The attached lace sleeve cuffs and buffy cravat give you that 60s flare without actually needing to do the time traveling yourself.  If only we had a few other accessories that would finish off the look?  (Oh, yeah we do, baby!)GET THIS SWINGING PARTY MOVING!Whether you’re going to a vintage party, literally swinging (on the park, we assume), or about to tackle a crime boss that threatens to take down the whole world lest he’s paid a million dollars, we’ve got the perfect look to make you the man of means!  

Material: Polyester
Item: FUN1004BLAD

Price: $44.99

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