Classic Pokeball Pikachu Juniors Hoodie

This Classic Pokeball Pikachu Juniors Hoodie is the sweatshirt that’s been missing from your life. Seriously, how did you make it this far without it?


The moment you put on this Pokeball Pikachu hoodie, everything in your life will make sense. And if it doesn’t, at least you’ll be warm and comfortable.

Material: Cottonblend
Item: MFA6892JTR1S

Price: $29.99

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Miles From Tomorrowland Classic Toddler Costume

Let your little one be the defender of the galaxy in this Miles From Tomorrowland Classic Toddler Costume .


Man, life in the year of 2501 sure does looks like a blast! At least it does when you’re a part of the far-out Callisto family, who live on a spaceship called the Stellosphere and work for the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (TTA)! And when you’re 7-year-old Miles and your family lives in space, there’s no limit to what kind of space adventures you can get into! Along with MERC, your pet robo-ostrich (how cool is that?) and your friend Blodger Blopp (pretty much looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters), you can get into all sorts of space-troubles in far away corners of the universe! Luckily for you, your scientist mom and dad or your brainy sister are always ready to help out if the asteroids get too big to handle!And even though you and your space explorer family love to explore strange new worlds together – taking viewers on a journey that sparks the imagination and gets them excited about the natural universe – at the end of the day, the thing that always matters the most is the best adventure of all: Family!If you’ve also got a little space explorer in your home who loves to go on blastastic adventures, then this Miles From Tomorrowland Classic Toddler Costume is going to blow his imagination straight into another galaxy! In this officially licensed costume, your little one won’t just have to watch the adventures of Tomorrowland…they’ll get to live them! Suit them up in this interstellar jumpsuit with a far-out pattern and galactic armor, and then cinch it all up with a supernova blast buckle for a black hole of solar powered fun (okay we may have thrown a few extra space words in there, but can you blame us for a little Hubble trouble?). Ready, set, blast off!

Material: Polyester
Item: DI86577

Price: $4.99

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Classic Nightmare Before Christmas Adult Ugly X-Mas Sweater

This is a Classic Nightmare Before Christmas Adult Ugly Christmas Sweater.


Making ChristmasThe citizens of Halloween Town attempted to make sure everything spooky was wrapped up nicely in time for Christmas. Filthy rats were stamped with bows and freaky snakes were tied up with ribbon, in hopes of creating a holiday scene. But after watching Nightmare Before Christmas, we can say with conviction that some things should not be forced. Halloween Town attempting to celebrate Christmas wasn’t successful but that doesn’t mean you can’t show excitement for the most wonderful time of the year by wearing a Nightmare Before Christmas ugly sweater! Add a dose of eeriness to your holiday season without causing a catastrophe. This officially licensed piece of apparel is made from 100% polyester and features a knitted-in image of Jack Skeleton and his ghost pup Zero on the peculiar spiral mountain. Slip on the sweater with ribbed neck band, cuffs, and waistband and start making your Christmas as memorable as possible.     

Material: Polyester

Price: $24.99

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Deluxe Classic Santa Suit Costume for Adults

This is an Adult Deluxe Classic Santa Suit.


If it’s December, that means Christmas is coming. And whether you reside in sunny California, or are under a blizzard watch at the North Pole, there’s a very important thing you need to do in your Christmas preparations. You need to make sure Santa makes an appearance at your party!Of course, it’s pretty tough to book the big guy himself, so maybe, just maybe, it’s your turn to suit up and take a shot at Kris Kringle. If that’s the case, well, then you’re going to need the look, so we think you should take a gander at this Adult Deluxe Classic Santa Suit. It has the timeless details of Santa Claus that are known to all children far and wide, so much so, that you’ll have little ones ready to sit on your lap when you put it on!This Deluxe Classic Santa Suit has a coat, pants, hat, wig, beard, gloves, a belt, and boot covers. Red polyester velvet has a luxe look like you’d expect from Santa, and the white faux fur trim adds the necessary detail. Just secure the wig and beard, and you’ll be ready for your sleigh ride. Onward, Dasher!

Material: Polyester
Item: CA01274

Price: $99.99

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Assassins Creed: Connor Classic Men’s Costume

Become the Master Assassin of the Colonial Brotherhood in this officially licensed Assassins Creed: Connor Classic Men’s Costume.


With Abstergo working hard to keep its amazing technology a secret from the rest of the world, it continues to push forward with its very likely wicked and domineering plans. For the most part, we here in the office don’t get too involved in the power-grabbing wheeling and dealing of mysterious world-wide secret organizations. (We generally just look forward to casual Fridays, actually.) And, while we haven’t officially teamed up with the Assassins, we have a solid interest in continuing to get the most accurate of views from period costuming. So, we’ve put together our own sort of Animus to help dive into the genetic memories of the past. And, along the way, we can probably help to dismantle the efforts of a group dedicated to controlling the entire future!Perhaps you weren’t expecting to dive into the most accurate Revolutionary War reenactment, ever, but we’ve got a pretty good surprise for you. You won’t be on team red or blue coat for this one. You’ll be joining up with team white and step into the role of Connor Kenway, a man who had one foot in every field. Born of settler and native, of Templar and raised Assassin, Ratonhnhaké:ton took the easier to pronounce name of Connor and made all sorts of unexpected twists for the Revolutionaries!And now you can, too, with this officially licensed Assassin’s Creed: Connor Classic costume. You’ll look just like the Master Assassin of the Colonial Brotherhood of Assassins. Now, if you want to honor that title and Connor’s memory and avoid desynchronizing, you’ll have to make sure you properly portray him, so feel free to let loose with your amazing fighting abilities when the time calls for it but remember his humble qualities, likely due to his pretty tragic past. You probably didn’t lose your mother in a village fire started by George Washington, so we’re sure it’ll be fine if you crack a few jokes, but when it comes to battle you have to be as professional as they come. No worries, though, you’ll certainly look the part, especially when you pull up your Assassin’s hood and acquire some extra tomahawk accessories to complete the look.

Material: Polyester
Item: LI6478

Price: $44.99

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Girls Classic Ghostbusters Costume

We all know your little girl is in charge anyway, so let her take it to the next level with this Girls Classic Ghostbusters Costume, so she’s ready to take on any ghosts that come her way.


Your little girl knows what’s what. She’s on top of her game! When her nightlight goes out she simply rolls with it, lining her Teddy bears along her bed to protect her territory in case of surprise spooky night happenings. Your daughter is almost ready for that illustrious career we’re all secretly longing for. In short, she ain’t afraid of no ghosts! Well, that might not be true. She’s allowed to be afraid of ghosts. Actually, anyone in the iconic tan jumpsuit can still be afraid of whatever goes bump in the night and make a great ghostbuster. A little fear can be quite healthy! Otherwise, you could find yourself on top of a New York city building, getting possessed by an ancient Sumerian God, that’s just not healthy for the psyche. There’s no way that would happen on your little Ghostbuster’s watch, though! She catches on fast, as soon as an old bogie rattles his chains she’s got him in the crosshairs of her proton stream and there’s no going back from there! Whether the whole family is busy busting or it’s simply your little one against the world, this costume is photo op ready and your tough little cookie is sure to have a great time hunting those spooks down. The dress is a fun new take on the khaki jumpsuit, perfect for layering up on those chilly October nights. She can even stash some of that trick-or-treating candy in her Proton backpack! And if one of those friendly neighborhood ghosts come along, she knows what to do: bust ’em! Something strange better not settle down in your neighborhood!

Material: Polyester
Item: RU881731

Price: $39.99

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Cars 3 Classic Hideaway Playhut

This is an officially licensed Cars 3 Classic Hideaway Playhut that features printed images of Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm racing.


Fun times with fast friendsKiddos everywhere might wheel around the house with the ultimate amount of speed, but when they run out of gas, it’s going to be time to rest. That doesn’t mean they have to stop having fun though! They can relax in this Cars 3 Classic Hideaway Playhut, and they’ll still have their speedy friends to hang out with!When they’re inside this playhut, they can spend their time planning their next race. The printed exterior shows off cool imagery from the latest Cars movie, and when your boy or girl teams up with a friend to play, it’s sure to be a super speedy affair!a classic amount of funThis Cars 3 Classic Hideaway Playhut is officially licensed by Disney/Pixar. The memory wire frame pops open from storage to display the stunning graphic design. It measures 28 inches by 28 inches and 30 inches tall when open, plenty of room for the kiddos to hang out in. The flap door and tunnel port gives kids the ability to crawl through for play, and it’s also great for hide and seek fun. From PlayhutNext, this Playhut is recommended for ages 3 and up.

Material: Polyester
Item: PLY71400DT

Price: $16.99

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Tervis Disney Classic Characters 16 oz Tumbler w/ Black Lid

Have your favorite Disney characters with all times when you get this Tervis Disney Classic Characters 16 oz Tumbler w/ Black Lid.


Have a drink with all the classics! Red lipstick. Ford Model T’s. Homemade apple pie. Thank you notes; some things are just classic. If you’ve been searching for a tumbler that will never go out of style, then this Disney classic characters tumbler is for you. It’s a simple yet highly convenient cup that will not only become your most reliable tumbler when you’re on the go, it will become you’re one and only tumbler. You won’t want to use the other ones strewn about your cabinet anymore because this cute cup can do it all. Printed with the vintage animated depictions of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Pluto, the tumbler with included black lid can be used to contain hot and or cold drinks. Perfectly suited for the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher, you won’t want to use any other to-go cup. It’s truly a timeless tumbler.         

Material: Acrylic
Item: TER1227842

Price: $12.99

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