Coca Cola Can Light Set

This set of Coca Cola can indoor/outdoor string lights are a great gift for anyone who loves refreshing soda pop and lighting!


When you’re feeling a bit down, an ice cold Coca Cola can really brighten up your day. Everyone knows that. But did you know that a warm, glowing Coca Cola can brighten up your day too? That’s right! As crazy as that sounds, we’ve found a way to light up the night with Coke. When you use these Coca Cola can lights, your room will be illuminated as a sweet soft drink heaven!This licensed Coca Cola light set features a string of 10 lights shaped like Coke cans. The lights are great for indoor or outdoor use and are perfect for creating great mood lighting for any even. Just remember that despite looking refreshing, you can’t actually drink these cans, so don’t go doing anything silly with them.

Material: Plastic
Item: KACC0748

Price: $14.99

ORDER HERE: Coca Cola Can Light Set

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