Wonder Woman Patterned DC Comics Sunglasses

Look fly in these Wonder Woman Patterned DC Comics Sunglasses. They feature the Wonder Woman logo pattern on front and come with a convenient Wonder Woman patterned carrying sleeve.


Wonder Woman never apologizes for how awesome she is. Sure, there are plenty of naysayers in the world who want to see her fail and there are plenty of people who just plain don’t like her awesomeness, but that’s never stopped her. She just sits back, puts on her shades and lets the world deal with it. Are you a little like Wonder Woman too? Then you need a set of shades to put on those peepers of yours any time you need to exhibit your awesomeness.These DC Comics Wonder Woman sunglasses are exactly the kind of eyewear you need to make a statement. With a cool blue hue and plenty of Wonder Woman symbols on the frames, they’re easily one of the best pairs of sunglasses you could possibly own. Just slip them on your face to protect them from the sun, or use them to let the world deal with it!

Material: Plastic

Price: $8.99

ORDER HERE: Wonder Woman Patterned DC Comics Sunglasses

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