Toronto Maple Leafs Vintage Tek Patch Mens T-Shirt

This Toronto Maple Leafs Vintage Tek Patch T-Shirt for men is a must have item for fans of this NHL team!


Does Leafs season got you like “I need some new fan gear!” Don’t sweat out not having the latest apparel, just pick up this signature Vintage Tek Patch t-shirt from Majestic Athletic. With this classic tee, you’ll be ready to watch the big game at the get-together or arena, or just have a snazzy tee to show off your fandom everyday. That sounds like the fan recipe for some serious hockey fun!This NHL officially licensed tee comes in just the right heather blue with a vintage logo design and embroidered details, it has the throwback style to let you feel like an old-school fan. Wear it whenever you feel like showing off that you’re a stylish Leaf backer. Whenever you’re in the mood to think about “Because it’s the Cup” or “Old Time Hockey” make sure you have this shirt ready to help you root for the Leafs!

Material: Cottonblend
Item: MJM952669AVTMTPB

Price: $12.99

ORDER HERE: Toronto Maple Leafs Vintage Tek Patch Mens T-Shirt

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