Superman 10-Light Set

Spruce up your house or man cave with this Superman Light Set. This light set features a string of lights with the Superman logo attached to each light.


Superman really is a trend setting. He popped up in comic books in 1938, wearing underwear on the outside of his costume and soon after, every other comic book hero followed suit! He started wearing a giant “S” right on his chest. Then, other heroes started wearing their symbols on their chest. So, let us help you get in on the ground floor of the newest thing that Superman’s doing, before all those other heroes start copying him… lights.With these Superman lights, you’ll have the most stylish lighting around. It comes with 10 lights on a string, each shaped like the Superman symbol. They can be used for indoor, or outdoor use and they kind of make any room feel more heroic. Just make sure to take them down if you invite Lex Luthor over. He’s not a fan of Supes.

Material: Plastic
Item: KASU9131

Price: $14.99

ORDER HERE: Superman 10-Light Set

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