Super Mario Pink Peach Outline Juniors T-Shirt

This Juniors Super Mario T-shirt features a pink outline image of Princess Peach printed on the front.


We know you put in all that work getting here, what with jumping and climbing and running around bad guys, and we’re really sorry to do this to you, but the princess you’re after is totally in another castle.Princess Peach, right? Yeah, she was here at one point. Tall, pouffy blond hair, pink dress. She stayed here for a short while before the castle’s owner moved her. We didn’t get to talk to her much but she seemed like she was pretty nice (if a little helpless). We’re sorry that she was kidnapped and we hope you find her soon!As a matter of fact, maybe you should take a likeness of her so you remember what she looks like. You know, just in case you knocked around by mean creatures, or get pushed into pits or anything? We wouldn’t want you to forget what she looks like. Better yet? Why not wear this Super Mario Pink Peach Outline Juniors Tee? It’s a black cotton t-shirt with a v-neckline and a bright pink outline of that princess. The princess you’re looking for looks just like the t-shirt, and her dress will be in a bright pink, similar to the color of the design on the shirt. This way you can run all over any type of terrain and remember who you’re looking for! Who knows? Maybe it’ll even inspire others to help you find her, like friends or brothers. After all, the more people you have looking for her the better. Now, you should probably go check the next castle. It’s just over that way…

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Material: Cotton (100%)
Item: FSNNTD025760002004

Price: $16.99

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