Suicide Squad Deadshot 4″ Figure

This 4″ metal die-cast figure of Deadshot is perfect for any fan of the supervillain from the Suicide Squad.


Deadshot might be one of the deadliest criminals on the face of the Earth, but that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily a bad guy. Sure, he’s assassinated more people than he can probably count, but he’s still a pretty decent dad. Heck, if the movie shows us anything, he’s the type of guy that you can take to a bar for a drink after work. JADA Toys has taking a like to him too, since they made this highly collectible figure.Made of die cast metal, this Deadshot collectible figure is one tough dude. He looks like the Suicide Squad character, except he’s got some buff pecs and biceps (we think he lifts, bro). He makes for a great gift for anyone who’s ready to hang out with a criminal, who’s actually a pretty decent dude. Just don’t ask him to do any jobs for you, since he’s putting that life behind him!

Material: Metal
Item: JD97569

Price: $4.99

ORDER HERE: Suicide Squad Deadshot 4″ Figure

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