Stitch Nose Lick Juniors Ringer Tee

Add some cuteness to your wardrobe with this Stitch nose lick juniors ringer crop tee.


We don’t know why everyone is always giving Stitch such a hard time. So he destroys stuff; so do a lot of dogs when you first bring them home from the shelter. So, he builds the city of San Francisco out of blocks, only to wreak havoc on it moments later; we bet that’s pretty common. So he drinks baby bottles full of coffee; we’re not above that either on a Monday morning.We think Stitch is misunderstood. So he picks his nose–DON’T you even think of lying and pretending that you don’t. So he does it with his tongue…OK, we’ll admit it, that’s pretty gross. But that’s also Stitch, and he’s kind of lovable, just as he is. Show off your unconditional adoration for Hawaii’s resident bad boy with this Stitch Nose Lick Juniors Ringer Tee. It doesn’t glorify Stitch; it doesn’t show his “cute and fluffy!” side. Nope. This officially licensed T-shirt shows Stitch at his most “Stitch-iest.” Some may say it’s a face only a mother could love; but we know you love him just as much as we do!

Material: Cottonblend
Item: FZWVSJ011

Price: $14.99

ORDER HERE: Stitch Nose Lick Juniors Ringer Tee

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