Star Wars Troop Group Sublimated Juniors Tank

This Star Wars Troop Group Sublimated Juniors Tank is a stylish option for letting everyone know you’re a fan!


Star Wars.  The words immediately call images to your mind.  You think of Darth Vader holding out his black-gauntleted hand and telekinetically choking out the rude Imperial officer whose lack of faith is found to be “disturbing.”  (You better bet everyone believed in that ancient hokey religion after some Force Choking came to the party!)  Perhaps you imagine the picture of a decrepit dark emperor crackling with lightning as his body begins to wither away even more.  Or you might depict the hero of the trilogy, Luke Skywalker, screeching in disbelief as he is informed of his true parentage.  If not those, maybe ewoks, wookiees, or even the haphazard Jar-Jar shoving his head into beams of electricity. Yet, the most seen folks of the Star Wars galaxy are so often the ones that are ultimately ignored.  That is where this officially licensed Star Wars Troop Group Sublimated Tank comes into play.  Give those poor stormtroopers an opportunity to be the main focus of the world.  Sure, they can’t aim for heck, but who can blame them when their entire lives are otherwise spent just realizing that they’re only second-hand duplicates of a bounty hunter and none of them even are given a name!  Who really is going to try that hard at work when their paycheck is made out to ST #38523521!?  This tank with its unfinished sleeves and comfy stylings features the print of the underdogs of the galaxy.  Take aim on this!

Material: Polyester

Price: $2.99

ORDER HERE: Star Wars Troop Group Sublimated Juniors Tank

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