Star Wars R2D2 Beep Boop Tote Bag

This Star Wars themed R2D2 Beep Boop tote bag features tattoo style designs of R2D2 and C-3PO.


How much easier would your day be if you had a droid or two to be your personal assistant. With an astromech droid and maybe even a protocol droid or two as a part of your entourage, they’d make a helpful addition to your crew to help you accomplish all of your daily tasks. But since all of our favorite droids are over in that galaxy far, far away; we’ll just have to make do with what we got!And of course, if you’ve got some essential gear to bring along for your day, you’d be hard pressed to find a cooler way to tote it around than with this R2D2 Beep Boop tote bag. Fashion fresh straight from the designers at Loungefly, this bag has a fun Star Wars design that will have you showing off your favorite droids in a big way. Tattoo inspired artwork, embossed metal badges, and a sleek Star Wars logo print liner—that sure sounds like the way to up your daily droid game. Beep Boop!

Material: Faux Leather
Item: LFSTTB0078

Price: $39.99

ORDER HERE: Star Wars R2D2 Beep Boop Tote Bag

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