Star Wars Female Darth Vader Bodysuit Costume

Women, don’t settle for those boxy Darth Vader costumes this year. Get this Star Wars Female Darth Vader Bodysuit and have a Darth Vader costume that flatters your figure and make you look like the ultimate villain.


It is about time the great Darth Vader got a bit of an upgrade, don’t you think? We mean, he’s been clunking about in the same cumbersome suit for what, four decades now? Why not give him something…a little sleeker?So yeah, let’s do it. Let’s taper in the sides, slim up those legs and arms, make the whole outfit a bit more streamlined. There, now it’s perfect; it is exactly what was needed. Now you can pick up this Star Wars Female Darth Vader Bodysuit and feel comfortable in the sleeker, form-fitting styling of a modern suit. And don’t worry, you can still be as fearsome and terrifying to any and all who cross your path, because you will still be covered in black from head to toe, and you’ll still have the iconic Vader helmet. We can’t mess with the helmet. You can still feel free to force-choke any who insult the power of the Force, and you can still wreak havoc on the weak rebel scum who try to stop you from personally invading their Starships.With this jumpsuit–which comes with sewn on foam armor pieces and an attachable cape–you will maintain peace and order throughout the galaxy…through your iron fist and absolute fear. Just make sure to grab a red lightsaber accessory for the complete look. Now get out there and stomp out this ridiculous Rebellion–we have intel that they may be hiding on Hoth, or Yavin 4.

Material: Polyester
Item: RU887594

Price: $64.99

ORDER HERE: Star Wars Female Darth Vader Bodysuit Costume

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