Star Wars Deluxe BB-8 16″ Electronic Figure

This is a licensed Star Wars Deluxe BB-8 16″ Electronic Figure that makes realistic sounds and lights up.


Ah, a true fan! Welcome to our Droid Figure Emporium! Only the highest quality droid figures are sold here, we assure you! You are no doubt a true collector; tell us, do you have the R2-D2? We’ve been trying to get our hands on that for years… But no matter, no matter, you’re not here to listen to us grumble, you’re here to buy! And what a deal we have for you, friend!This Star Wars Deluxe BB-8 16” Electronic Figure is exactly what you need to give your collection a degree of modernity, to really make the youngsters croon. Seen in the most recent installment of the Star Wars saga, BB-8 has already earned the adulation of many with his metallic coyness and easy-going loyalty. Your C-3P0 protocol droid, HK-47 assassin droid, and AZ-3 medical droids are great, but this BB-8 mission management droid will surely be the gem at the top of your treasure pile.This little Star Wars Deluxe BB-8 16″ Electronic Figure makes realistic light and sound effects when the button on its top is pressed, and its display pegs allow it to stand upright. There’s also a tool arm that extends from a secret door on the side. With this purchase, your hoard will be the envy of every Star Wars droid figure collector the world, nay, the galaxy, over!

Material: Plastic
Item: JKP01780

Price: $59.99

ORDER HERE: Star Wars Deluxe BB-8 16″ Electronic Figure

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