Star Wars Darth Vader Raincoat

This kids Star Wars Darth Vader Raincoat includes a cape and features details to look like Vader’s outfit.


Believe it or not, Sith Lords really aren’t fans of getting wet. They can fight against Jedi with their lightsabers and they have no problem hopping into their TIE Fighter for an epic dog-fight, but ask them to go outside in the rain and they’ll probably decline. Well, not anymore! We found an item that lets any Sith Lord do battle in the pouring rain without getting drenched and now, we’re excited to share it with you and your young Sith in training!This Darth Vader raincoat is adorable, yet mildly intimidating, rain gear for your child. The coat is designed to resemble Vader’s deadly looking armor from Star Wars, so your child can stay dry AND be ready to cross lightsabers with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Of course, we recommend that you teach him all about The Force and lightsaber combat before you send him off to fight Obi-Wan, but with this coat, his wardrobe will be ready, even if he hasn’t quite mastered the Dark Side just yet.

Material: Polyurethane
Item: WC6856015P

Price: $24.99

ORDER HERE: Star Wars Darth Vader Raincoat

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