Star Wars Chewie All Over Face Mens Boxer Briefs

Unlike Chewie, you don’t have an endless amount of fur to cover up with. That’s why you need these officially licensed Star Wars Chewie All Over Face Mens Boxer Briefs. They features an all over print of Chewbacca’s face.


GGWWWRGHH RAWRGWAWGGR RRRAARRWHHGWWR. Ever feel let letting out a howl in Wookiespeak but the situation just wasn’t right? Come to think of it, there’s few situations outside of a movie theater where a well timed Wookie growl can come in handy. We share your frustration.While we go on pondering the mysteries of living a Star Wars life here on planet earth, we are happy to offer one little piece of Chewbacca awesomeness to use in lieu of bossing around others in Shyriiwook on a daily basis. These Star Wars Chewie All Over Face boxer briefs! Printed with a delightful print of Chewie, it will let you rock a piece of Star Wars style all day long, and in total secrecy. Unless you’re the type of chap who likes to leave the house pantsless. If that happens to be the case, then everyone’s going to know that you do Wookie howls at home when they catch a load of these undies!

Material: Cottonblend

Price: $9.99

ORDER HERE: Star Wars Chewie All Over Face Mens Boxer Briefs

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