Spiderman Mens Cardigan

Add some superhero style to your wardrobe with this Spiderman men’s button-up cardigan.


So you finally stepped up and got your first job working in an office. You knew that you’d have to upgrade your wardrobe, but it still might have been a bit of a shocker to find out that “smart casual” means you can’t exactly get away with wearing your Spider-Man suit to the office. (Spandex is usually frowned upon, even in the most casual of business settings…) If you’ve been lamenting your career choice and lack of webbed apparel, fret no more when you pick up this authentic Spiderman men’s cardigan. It has the classic style of Spidey’s suit, with knit webs and a spider logo, but it’s a sweater so you can use it as a classy and geeky way to upgrade your daily style. Wear it with a button up and you’ll be able to prove that smart casual can still be fun!This unique sweater comes from the creative masterminds at the Mighty Fine company. It is Marvel officially licensed, so you can wear it without having to endure a radioactive spider bite or anything like that. Men’s sized, so female fans might want to go down 1-2 sizes to rock this web slingin’ style!

Material: Cotton (100%)

Price: $34.99

ORDER HERE: Spiderman Mens Cardigan

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