Property of Joker Woven Scarf

Bring a little Harley Quinn flare to your everyday wardrobe with this Property of Joker Woven Scarf. It is a red and navy scarf adorned with gold writing.


So what exactly is ‘Puddin’ freaky style’? There’s no doubt that the term, ‘Puddin’ freaky style,’ is hard to define. How does someone even begin to describe the one and only Harley Quinn, let alone her uhh, rather unique sense of style? Daddy’s Little Monster doesn’t use fashion accessories traditionally. Not. All. All. For example, this viscose scarf is sometimes worn around her neck, other times it’s worn around her head like a bandanna, and sometimes she uses it to tie up her enemies and hold them hostage. Leave it up to Harley to think up all these creative ways to use one scarf! Use this metallic print Property of Joker scarf to inspire your next look. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could always go the Harley route and think up your very own imaginative way to implement this cool DC accessory. Keep in mind, you’ll look insanely chic no matter how you choose to display it!

Material: Polyester

Price: $6.99

ORDER HERE: Property of Joker Woven Scarf

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