Power Rangers Panel Print Juniors Muscle Tank

This juniors muscle tank features a large panel print of all your favorite Power Rangers characters!


Nothing beats the original lineup of that epic 90s hit, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Sure, the new movie version rocks, but it’s hard not to have a special appreciation for the original Power Rangers show, which left an impression on every 90s kid thanks to the campy (but awesome) special effects and villains, and, of course, the simple-but-charming morphin bodysuits (to name just a few things). If you’re one of the many people influenced by this classic series, show off your appreciation with this fun and stylish Power Rangers Panel Print Juniors Muscle Tank!This officially licensed top shows the Power Rangers at their very best: suited up, ready for Rita Repulsa’s goons, and, of course, together. Combine that with the iconic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers logo, and you’ve got an eye-popping shirt that every fan of the series will love immediately. It’s the perfect shirt to wear if you know you’re going to be around other Power Rangers fans (like, say, at a comic convention), or if you just want to look awesome any day of the week!

Material: Polyblend
Item: FZHXSJ333

Price: $14.99

ORDER HERE: Power Rangers Panel Print Juniors Muscle Tank

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