POP Suicide Squad Rick Flag Vinyl Figure

This POP vinyl figure of Rick Flag is from the Suicide Squad and he’s one tough little collectible figure!


Rick Flag has a pretty rough job. Trying to keep a bunch of known in line is like trying to herd cats. One second the mission is going fine and the next moment, Harley Quinn is running off by herself into a gang of evil monsters while Captain Boomerang is breaking into a bar to steal some top shelf liquor. But that’s just how it goes when you’re the leader of the Suicide Squad! Now, you can have Rick commanding you when you add this Rick Flag POP vinyl to your DC collection.This Rick Flag POP vinyl looks like a tiny version of Joel Kinnaman and… wait a second. Is this the first time a character played by Joel Kinnaman got a POP vinyl version? After co-starring in The Killing and doing that RoboCop reboot? Sorry, we just distracted. It’s about time Mr. Kinnaman got a POP vinyl! This Funko POP vinyl makes for the perfect collectible for Suicide Squad fans… or Joel Kinnaman fans.

Material: Vinyl
Item: FN8404

Price: $6.99

ORDER HERE: POP Suicide Squad Rick Flag Vinyl Figure

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