POP Ghostbusters Reboot Erin Gilbert Vinyl Figure

Get this POP Ghostbusters Reboot Erin Gilbert Vinyl Figure and recall all of your favorite funny lines from this comedy!


Ghostbusters 2016 finally gave us another dose of classic Ghost fighting action, but this time it was the ladies who were wielding the proton packs. (And dialing up the comedy!) We’re all in on the reboot action, and if you feel the same way, make sure you have this Ghostbusters 2016 Erin Gilbert POP! vinyl figure in your collection. She’s lean, mean, POP! styled, and she’s ready to battle ghosts right from your tabletop!Styled after actress Kristen Wiig, this Funko figure has all of the cuteness of their iconic POP! vinyl series, but with the signature Ghostbusters uniform and on-screen character details. It’s a must have collectible for any fan. Get it to add to your POP! movies collection, or get the entire series to assemble your own desktop ghost fightin’ team. Who you gonna call?

Material: Vinyl
Item: FN7624

Price: $5.99

ORDER HERE: POP Ghostbusters Reboot Erin Gilbert Vinyl Figure

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