POP Ghostbusters Reboot Abby Yates Vinyl Figure

Add this POP Ghostbusters Reboot Abby Yates Vinyl Figure to your collection from the Ghostbusters movie.


How do you make sure that you won’t get slimed while you’re hard at work? Well, you just need to keep Abby Yates by your side at all times… Abby is looking for a new place to work because she’s currently shoved in the basement of an unaccredited university, trying her best to research all the paranormal activity in New York City. Can she go to work with you? She’ll probably stay out of your way but sometimes she’ll want to upload her ghost videos to Youtube, then write to all the haters that leave nasty comments, claiming that her videos are just trash. She’s also a steadfast fan of Chinese food, no matter how many won-tons they leave out of her soup. She’ll most likely share her Chinese with you as long as you’re open to sharing your workplace with her! This Abby Yates POP! depicts Melissa McCarthy’s character in the Ghostbusters reboot so it’s great for collectors who enjoy the funniest of Funko’s vinyl figures. Her rotating head,clear plastic display base, and overall spunky personality makes her the perfect desk mate. Collect all of the ghost-blasting leading ladies from the film and you’ll never have a problem with the paranormal… most likely!

Material: Vinyl
Item: FN7623

Price: $4.99

ORDER HERE: POP Ghostbusters Reboot Abby Yates Vinyl Figure

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