Pokemon Team Pika Juniors Spongy Racerback Tank

Show the world you’re with team Pikachu in this Pokemon Team Pika juniors spongy racerback tank!


Forget all the other starters… we’re Team Pikachu all the way!Let’s just pretend like we all got whisked away to a virtual world where Pokemon actually did exist (how awesome, right?!). Suddenly, everyone would forget about their day jobs and we would all just walk around trying our darnedest to be the best trainer ever, catching Pokemon left and right. Of course, we would need to pick a starter and we thought long and hard about which one we would choose and we have to say that we would go with Pikachu, Just like Ash, we would love walking around with the electric type Pokemon, not only because he’s adorable, but we love it when he does his Thunder Shock attack!Now when you wear this Team Pika racerback you can pretend like you’re hanging out with your dream starter Pokemon. It’s a soft and comfy tank that is perfect for wearing on hot days when you’re walking around town checking off Pokestops. Pick up a red hat and you’ll rally having the perfect outfit for when you’re collecting the virtual anime critters!

Material: Cottonblend
Item: FZMUSJ094

Price: $9.99

ORDER HERE: Pokemon Team Pika Juniors Spongy Racerback Tank

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