Pokemon Starter Group Juniors Ringer Tee

This Pokemon starter group juniors ringer tee features a group image of the first generation starter group.


Do you ever get low-grade annoyed by the hyper intensity of “Gotta catch ‘em all!”? Like are you ever all, “Yo, CHILL – I’ll catch the ones I want to, alright?” And we know that, in order to really play the game, you wanna catch as many Pokemon as you can so you can also other Pokemon, etc, etc, but maybe you’re cool with the just the Starter pack, you know? Like maybe that’s just your jam! Maybe you’re the kind of person who’s all, “I’ve got enough friends. I don’t need anymore” in real life, which we totally respect! After all, if you’re trying to spend time with everyone, you can’t really spend time with anyone, right? (Whoa, that was deep…our philosophy professor would be way proud of us for coming up with that one!)We’re just saying that, while most people would look at the starter group as being the beginners crowd or the classic characters or the jumping pad upon which you launch into greater Pokemon glory, we think it’s totally alright if you’re like, “Nah, I’m good” when it comes to just wanting to hang with these guys.And if so, then we highly recommend catching this Pokemon Starter Group Juniors Ringer Tee to represent your personal brand of Pokemon hang-time. This officially licensed tee is in a crop-top styled ringer t-shirt — because who says being nerdy isn’t also totally cute? — and it’s got the Pokemon theme screen print with first generation starters emblazoned across your chest, letting everyone know what’s up when it comes to your choices. Gotta catch ’em all? Maybe, but only if you want to!

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Material: Cottonblend
Item: FZMUSJ208

Price: $6.99

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