Pikachu Gold Envelope Wallet

This envelope wallet features a gold-tone images of Pikachu and lightning bolts.


Pikachu wallet… I choose you!Whenever Ash is in a bind, he usually calls for his most preferred Pokemon: Pikachu. Pikachu is reliable, not to mention, adorable! Basically, Pikachu has the same characteristics that you’d want out of a wallet too. Of course, you want your wallet to be both dependable and appealing since you’re using it as many times as Ash uses Pikachu for battles. So, the next time that you pay for dinner, take out your wallet confidently as if you were calling on Pikachu to take down Weedle in a match! Start using this Pokemon themed wallet and the burden of paying for things will be a whole lot easier. Golden Pikachu graphics and thunderbolts are featured all over this snap-style wallet. Secure compartments for cash, cards, and change are all found inside. Connect the chain clips to the corner eyelets and turn this wallet into a cute clutch. You’ll have the most electrifying wallet no matter where your journeys take you!

Material: Faux Leather

Price: $12.99

ORDER HERE: Pikachu Gold Envelope Wallet

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