Peanuts Joe Cool Juniors Ringer Tee

This Peanuts Joe Cool juniors ringer crop tee is a cool look for summer!


We’re gonna share something with you, and we’re gonna trust that it remains just between us, okay? When we were younger, we never really got the whole “Joe Cool” thing. Sure, now it seems obvious in that it’s an easy way to say, “Yo, that’s Snoopy pretending to be way cool” but at the time, to our young preteen minds, we were like, “That’s the best name you can come up with?” And also maybe it’s because our least favorite teacher would use “Joe Cool” to describe someone who was acting too tough or out of line, which, let’s face it, an uncool adult using a phrase just makes it all that more uncool.But now that we’re older and our brains have fully developed, we get it! It’s so obvious that it’s brilliant, and we’ve even started to reference it in our own lives. Like, Joe Nerdbomb, or Joe Rude, or Joe Petty Criminal, or Joe Whats-His-Face-From-That-One-Show. It just works!And so if you get it, too, then you know what you should really get? This Peanuts Joe Cool Juniors Ringer Tee! An officially licensed item, It’s even got our favorite bird pal ever, Woodstock, who’s also in on the game with the sunglasses. This crop-top styled ringer t-shirt is made of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester, keeping you comfortable while also making you look – you guessed it! – Joe Cool!

Material: Cottonblend

Price: $9.99

ORDER HERE: Peanuts Joe Cool Juniors Ringer Tee

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