Minnesota North Stars Vintage Tek Patch Men’s T-Shirt

Bring back the glory days of the Minnesota North Stars in this Vintage Tek Patch men’s t-shirt.


Remember the North Stars? For anyone too young to remember, they were Minnesota’s top flight hockey team for many years. Of course, they up and moved to Dallas to become the Stars, but we think their iconic style will always stay in the history books as one of NHL’s famed franchises of yesteryear.If you’d like to show off a little old school fan style, just grab this throwback Majestic Athletic t-shirt. A cool, classic fit 50/50 cotton and polyester blend tee features an appliqued North Stars franchise logo, cause this shirt is so sweet it deserved more than screen printing! This fashion tee is one for the ages whether you’re an old school fan or just appreciate NHL history. Get it to show off that you know your hockey stuff!

Material: Cottonblend
Item: MJM952176BVMNTPB

Price: $19.99

ORDER HERE: Minnesota North Stars Vintage Tek Patch Men’s T-Shirt

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