Minions Skateboard Boys Tee with Camo Shorts

He’ll be ready for action in this Minions themed boys t-shirt and blue camo shorts set featuring a Minion skateboarding on the front of the shirt.


If you’ve got a little tyke, there is a really, really good chance that there are times that you think you’re being followed around by a goofy little dingus whose actual middle name is chaos.  Perhaps you’ve referred to your kiddo as a minion.  More than likely anyone else you know certainly has!  But, the one thing that you know for sure is that an adorable minion is bound to bring both mischief and devotion in equal measure. So, it only follows that your minion deserves another minion to double up the fun.  That’s a pretty easy task with this Minions Skateboard Tee with Camo Shorts combo.  Let your tyke look adorable and fashionable while showing off this grinning yellow Minion enjoying a delightful skateboard ride… no doubt on the way to getting in the middle of a bit of trouble.  The blue, white, and black camo shorts are a perfect beachy look for your summer antics.  You won’t even need the giant sized glasses to finishyou’re your little minion’s look… though it would no doubt be the perfect finish to your kiddo’s look!

Material: Cottonblend
Item: CAP4UD8501

Price: $12.99

ORDER HERE: Minions Skateboard Boys Tee with Camo Shorts

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