Mario Tanooki Men’s T-Shirt

This men’s t-shirt features a print image of Mario wearing his Tanooki suit.


You’ll feel invincible when you’re wearing this Mario Tanooki tee!We really don’t envy Mario’s life at all. Sure, he’s probably the most famous plumber around but he also has a pretty stressful life. Mario is always bombarded by angry evil mushrooms and fireball throwing winged tortoises while frantically trying to visit every castle in search of Princess Peach. Plus, don’t even get us started on that pest, Bowser! Despite all of the pressure the famous Italian plumber has to face, he still gets to reap some pretty big perks. The Tanooki suit is one of them! When he has that cozy raccoon style suit on he gets the ability to fly and he can also turn into a statue in order to avoid his enemies. Now, that’s pretty cool!This comfortable Mario Tanooki tee won’t give you the ability to fly but it will make you look pretty fly. Its the perfect piece of apparel to wear while you’re playing your favorite Nintendo game or while you’re out having your own exciting adventure!

Material: Cottonblend
Item: FSNNTD0316

Price: $6.99

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