Kids Five Nights at Freddys Costume Hoodie

This Five Nights at Freddys Costume Hoodie for kids is officially licensed and makes a great gift for fans.


Why is Five Nights at Freddy’s so scary? We’ve spent plenty of time contemplating that. Maybe it’s because he’s a robot. Robots can be pretty scary. Maybe it’s because of that weird music that always plays right before he jumps out of the shadows. Whatever it is, we can’t seem to make it all the way through a full game, but we’re willing to be that your kid has and he’s probably not afraid of anything now!Now, this Five Nights at Freddy’s hoodie gives your child the chance to become the creepiest animatronic character to have ever made it into a video game. Of course, the hood comes complete with Freddy’s ears and hat attached to the top. It’s made of a 100% polyester material and zips up in the front for easy on and off. Any young video game will want to the chance to scare their friends and family as the infamous bear.

Material: Polyester

Price: $19.99

ORDER HERE: Kids Five Nights at Freddys Costume Hoodie

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