Harry Potter Quidditch Ankle Sock 4 Pack

Don’t be caught in those ordinary muggle socks. Slip on these Harry Potter Quidditch Ankle Socks and feel the magic.


Picture this. It’s the Quidditch World Cup Final. You’re the Seeker. Your entire team is counting on you to catch that Golden Snitch this game. It’s time to get dressed before the big game. What kind of socks do you wear? Do you put on a pair of normal, not-very-magical, muggle style socks? You know, the kind that are plain white and sitting in your sock drawer. Or, do you knock it out of the park with a pair of Hogwart’s style socks that were made for wizards to wear?Well, now you never have to settle for muggle socks again! These Harry Potter ankle socks come in a 4 pack and feature a Quidditch theme, so you can feel confident in your sock choice, whether you’re headed out for some grocery shopping, or you’re hopping on to your Nimbus 2000 for the final game of the season! They’re made of a comfy acrylic, polyester and spandex blend, so they feel great no matter what you’re doing.

Material: Acrylic
Item: BWXS44N5HPT00RE00

Price: $13.49

ORDER HERE: Harry Potter Quidditch Ankle Sock 4 Pack

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