Grease Frenchy Plus Size Costume

This Grease Frenchy Plus Size Costume for women will transform you into this beauty school drop out with the pink hair.


Frenchy is THE best character from Grease. Why? Well, it’s obvious! She’s clearly the nicest member of the Pink Ladies. She follows her dreams, even when no one else does, and most importantly, she’s the only girl who can rock pink hair back in the ’50s. If you’re planning to dress up like any of the girls from the movie, it HAS to be Frenchy.Now with this licensed plus size Grease Frenchy costume. The shirt has a soft yellow color, combined with pink and red plaid pattern that’s as cute now as it was back in 1955. The costume also includes a peachy skirt, a belt and a cute scarf that you can wear with the costume, or just for any day out on the town. Just don’t forget the most important part of the costume! Add a pink wig to your order to get the full Frenchy experience.

Material: Polyester
Item: FUN6606PL

Price: $19.99

ORDER HERE: Grease Frenchy Plus Size Costume

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