Ghostbusters Who To Call T-Shirt

This Ghostbusters Who To Call t-shirt for men is a great choice for fans of the original films and the reboot!


Who you gonna call is kinda, sorta an important question. If you need the services of a local police officer, the answer is easy. 911. Same thing if you need fire rescue services or have an emergency situation. But what if your situation is just a little bit different? What if it’s not a normal emergency, but a paranormal emergency? What if a supernatural specter is the one ruining your day?Fortunately we found out the answer in 1984, and now again in 2016. The Ghostbusters! Whether you’re a fan of the reboot action or prefer the original ‘busters from the 80s, this t-shirt will be the perfect way to show off that you’re a serious Ghostbusters fan. Plus, it will help raise awareness that they ARE the ones to call for ghost problems. Spread awareness, look great, help save the day. That’s a lot of accomplishment for just one t-shirt!

Material: Cotton (100%)
Item: HB1MGB0013SSP

Price: $8.99

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