Deluxe C-3PO Boys Costume

Dress you child as the goofy, gold droid from Star Wars in this Deluxe C-3PO Boys Costume.


Does it ever seem like your child is fluent in over six million forms of communication, speaking in alien tongues you can’t understand? Do they get flustered at the first time of trouble? Maybe you were hoping to instill a little discipline, and they’d take after C-3PO and start calling you “master.” Maybe your Padawan isn’t quite Jedi Knight material. If the first word that comes to mind when you think of your kid is “fussy” rather than “heroic,” “brooding,” or “roguishly charming,” they might be a C-3PO at heart. If you have an especially precocious little one and the binary language of load-lifters and moisture vaporators seems more their speed than piloting a starfighter through enemy formations or communing with the Force, this Child Deluxe C-3PO costume is sure to please.Your kid goes for the classics. No, all-black-everything, sarcastic K-2SO for them, thank you very much. They’ll take the original, golden mechanical man, 1977 model. C-3PO might not have a lightsaber, a blaster, a starship of his own, Force powers, or a even cool helmet that conceals his identity, but he’s been in every Star Wars movie so far, proving sometimes all you need to help save the galaxy is an excitable nature and a knowledge of etiquette.Your child can even try to recreate the dulcet tones of Anthony Daniels! And hey, if they’re never going to stop making Star Wars movies, somebody’s going to have to do that professionally some day. Why not give your kid a leg-up on what’s sure to be a lucrative career with this Child Deluxe C-3PO costume?

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Material: Polyester
Item: PR4972

Price: $24.99

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