Batman v Superman Wonder Woman Shield

This Wonder Woman shield is perfect for fans of the Batman v Superman movie!


We tried getting into contact with Hephaestus to create us some really cool weapons, like the kind of stuff Wonder Woman uses. It turns out, he’s really hard to get a hold of and there’s a distinct possibility that he’s not real. That really bummed us out, since we really wanted to be just like Wonder Woman, charging into battle wielding a sword and shield made of some kind of mystical Greek material. Luckily, we were able to get our hands on some of Factory Entertainment’s neat toy versions!This toy Wonder Woman shield may not be forged by the hand of Hephaestus, but it is made of a soft polyester that’s comfortable to hold! It’s designed to look like the one from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, so you may even feel the urge to battle it out with Doomsday once you have this licensed accessory. Just remember that this is just a toy, so take care before you start picking fights with super powered villains!

Material: Polyester
Item: FEN408199

Price: $29.99

ORDER HERE: Batman v Superman Wonder Woman Shield

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