Adult Halo Master Chief Costume Hoodie

This exclusive Adult Halo Master Chief Costume Hoodie is a must have for Halo fans!


You consider yourself a Halo fan, do you? Well. There are a couple ways to determine if that’s accurate. Here is the ultimate question to determine if you’re a proper Halo fan or not: Do you like Halo?What? Were you expecting twenty questions? Did you want us to grill you on your knowledge of the Covenant and the Spartan program? Demand that you’ve played every game? Don’t be silly. We know full well that some gamers don’t have time to devote all the time they’d like to the franchise. That maybe they don’t have time to read up on the lore. And that’s totally okay. You’re supposed to have a life after all, so as long as you like Halo, that’s good enough for us.Although, you could take your like a bit further and wear it on your sleeve for the world to see. No, you can literally wear Halo stuff on your sleeve so people can see that you like it. For instance, you could wear this Adult Halo Master Chief Costume Hoodie. It’s a 100 percent polyester hoodie with pockets and a front zipper, printed to look like Master Chief’s armor. There’s even a fabric visor attached to the hood, and details printed on the inside. Just put this baby on and everyone with know you’re a Halo fan without even having to ask. It’ll be that obvious. No questions necessary.

Material: Polyester
Item: JI5879

Price: $19.99

ORDER HERE: Adult Halo Master Chief Costume Hoodie

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