Ace Ventura Costume with Wig

This is an officially licensed Ace Ventura costume with included wig.


Are you ready to solve crimes, save animals, and do justice? Al-right-y then! Alright, so you’ve probably figured out by now (based on the costume above, the title of the costume, and the not-so-subtle hint earlier in this description) that we’re referring to the skills of one Ace Ventura, pet detective. Sure, his prints don’t match and his hair defies the laws of physics, but he does good. He solves murders and finds pets, and that we find admirable. Ace has good instincts, even if he is a bit… unconventional.Which is why we’re totally expanding his pet detective agency across the globe! And to do that, we of course need a variety of pet detectives in a variety of cities to take up the cause. Are you willing to help find lost animals? Solve murders? Do good while wearing a tutu? Well then, you’re just the detective we want.We do have a bit of a wardrobe requirement, however. You see, Ace Ventura made a name for himself as the epitome of pet detectives. As such, if you don’t look and act like Ace, people don’t think you’re an actual pet detective. So, as wardrobe wear then, you should definitely wear this Ace Ventura Costume with Wig if you want to be taken seriously as part of the pet detective corp. It includes a button down shirt, stripped red pants, a faux leather belt, and a synthetic brown wig. Just get your favorite furry (or feathered) friend as a mascot and you’ll be in business!

Material: Polyester
Item: FUN2304AD

Price: $59.99

ORDER HERE: Ace Ventura Costume with Wig

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