Simpsons Smithers Adult Mask

Complete your Smithers costume this Halloween with this officially licensed Simpsons Smithers Adult Mask.


It’s time to let your inner lackey out. Because if you dutifully serve corrupt, centenarian billionaire energy tycoons while looking like your regular self, well, people might look at you kinda weird (we speak from experience on this…). Because they just don’t understand! True power is behind the throne, and plus, running a corporate empire (if not an entire city) requires having really good executive assistants at your side. So serve your master with pride this Halloween, and don the persona of Springfield’s greatest manservant by wearing this exclusive Simpsons Smithers Adult Mask!Officially licensed and made by us, it perfectly captures the perpetually diffident and lovelorn (not to mention lovable) face of Mr. Waylon Smithers, loyal assistant of Montgomery Burns. Made of 100 percent latex and highly detailed, it’s as surreal and eye-popping as actually seeing Mr. Smithers in real life (which we’re hoping actually happens someday). And if you don’t want to take a trip into Springfield alone, have your buddies check out our wide variety of Simpsons masks and invite them along!

Material: Latex
Item: SIM8251

Price: $4.99

ORDER HERE: Simpsons Smithers Adult Mask

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