Deluxe R2D2 Boys Costume

Give your child the look of R2D2 this Halloween with this Deluxe R2D2 Boys Costume.


Man, how many times has R2-D2 saved the day? Oh wow, we’re so glad you asked – why don’t we just go down the list right here, right now?!The first time R2-D2 got those crazy kids, Han, Luke, and Leia out of a pickle was when he delivered Leia’s distress signal to Obi-Wan Kenobi, thereby inaction a rescue mission. Then, of course, there was the time that we can never forget — because it basically scared us so much as kids we almost had nightmares — that involved a trash compactor inside the Death Star. Next, R2-D2 pulled a sneaky pete by delivering the Death Star plans to the Rebel Alliance, which allowed them to effectively blow that fish up. Later, in The Empire Strikes Back, that lovable lil’ machine fixed the hyperdrive so the Millennium Falcon could escape Bespin, which was like…whew! Close save there, friend! After that, during The Return of the Jedi, he smuggled Luke’s lightsaber into Jabba’s Palace so Luke could rescue Han.So yeah, pretty safe to say that R2 is one heroic little droid! And if your little Jedi loves him as much as we do, then this Deluxe R2D2 Boys Costume is going to shoot their excitement into the next galaxy! The velour-feel jumpsuit has droid detailing on the the front, and the hoodie is designed to look like R2-D2’s dome-shaped head. It even features the white and blue look of Artoo, while the bottom portion of the costume is blue with Rebel Alliance symbols along the pant legs. In this Deluxe R2D2 Boys Costume, your little droid will be ready to save the day!

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Material: Polyester
Item: PR4958

Price: $59.99

ORDER HERE: Deluxe R2D2 Boys Costume

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