POP Star Wars Ep 7 Maz Kanata Bobblehead Vinyl Figure

This POP Star Wars Ep 7 Maz Kanata Bobble-head Vinyl Figure is a great addition to any desk or Star Wars figurine collection.


Maz Kanata is one odd duck. Well, she’s not really a duck so much as a she is a weird alien who runs a smuggler’s refuge on Takodana, but you get the picture! She’s strange. Those odd little goggles she wears, her weird affinity for the Force and the fact that she just randomly seems to have Luke Skywalker’s old lightsaber hanging out in her basement are all proof of that. This POP vinyl figure of the character from The Force Awakens, is also kind of strange.This fabulous Funko Maz Kanata POP bobble-head vinyl figure takes the Star Wars character and shrinks her into a tiny, collectible figure that you can place anywhere. She still has most of her weird quirks, like her odd goggles and her strange smile. She comes with a tiny Star Wars themed base and will be a great addition to any figure collection you have.

Material: Vinyl
Item: FN9621

Price: $7.99

ORDER HERE: POP Star Wars Ep 7 Maz Kanata Bobblehead Vinyl Figure

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