The Who Vintage Who Men’s T-Shirt

This men’s band t-shirt features a vintage Who circle logo from The Who.


Who are you? Who, who? Who, who? (I really wanna know!)Well, if you’re anything like us, you know exactly who the song is talking about. The Who of course! That magical British rock band that sold millions of records, influenced pop rock, preformed all over the place, and still embodies the energetic rebellion of their generation (talking bout their generation).Man, now we have that song stuck in our head. Oh well. We love it too much to be upset by that. The more Who the better, we think! In the mean time, maybe it’s time to show your excitement for The Who on your sleeve! Or rather on the front of your shirt with this The Who Vintage Who T-Shirt. This 100 percent cotton t-shirt is printed with a vintage Who logo and is officially licensed. Put this on to proudly declare your phenomenal taste in classic rock! But don’t be surprised if people stop you and ask who are you. We expect you’ll know just how to respond…

Material: Cotton (100%)
Item: JUWH0227730

Price: $12.99

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