OppoSuits Mardi Gras Costume Suit for Men

This Mens Opposuits Mardi Gras Suit is the perfect way to attend a Fat Tuesday party with your usual sophisticated style.


Ah, Mardi Gras. That wonderful time of year when everyone in the country funnels into New Orleans to celebrate French culture, admire the beautiful floats and festive dances of the parade, take in the smooth, sexy sounds of Dixieland Jazz, and drink so much that their livers become hard enough to scratch diamonds with. But you’re a man of distinction. While the rest of the rabble crowds Bourbon Street to mill about in their beer stained graphic T-shirts, cargo shorts, and filthy sandals, you’ll wear a suit while you look upon the affair from a balcony above, a colada in your hand and an equally well-dressed partner in tow. Isn’t life more satisfying when you not only have refined tastes, but can show it too? Of course, no one is above the infectious energy of Mardi Gras, and while wearing some gaudy hat or boa is so far beneath you it’s striking oil, you still nod to Mardi Gras’ tradition of wearing purple, green, and yellow. That’s why you wore your Opposuits Mardi Gras Suit, that perfect combination of Cajun festivity and classical style. The tailor fitted pants, jacket, and matching tie will attract attention away from the sparkly floats toward you, just as things ought to be. We’re not saying that some people are better than others. We don’t have to, chap — you’ve already experienced that first-hand.

Material: Polyester
Item: OSOSUI0031

Price: $99.99

ORDER HERE: OppoSuits Mardi Gras Costume Suit for Men

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