Men’s Robin Arkham Origins Costume

This Robin Arkham Origins Costume brings you the look front the Batman video game series. Who’s the sidekick now?


What happens when Batman begins training you to defeat super villains while you’re still in elementary school? You kind of become the baddest guy to ever wear a cape when you’re an adult. Of course, if you want to look that tough, all you need to do is wear this Robin Arkham Origins Costume. It’s based after the outfit Dick Grayson wears while he’s pummeling the bad guys of Gotham City in the video game. And although we can’t recommend trying to fight criminals while wearing this superhero suit, we do recommend showing off some of your best martial arts moves when you put it on. With a look this intimidating, most criminals won’t even dare to trade blows with you anyways.

Material: Polyester
Item: RU884822

Price: $64.99

ORDER HERE: Men’s Robin Arkham Origins Costume

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