Mens Opposuits Braveheart Suit

Be bold in your proposals at work with this stylish, plaid Mens Opposuits Braveheart Suit.


Fashion is a battlefield. You must proclaim yourself the victor against the oppressive chains of so-called normalcy. You must show the world that you stand for something greater. You must show that world that although they may take away your x, they may never take away your freedom! This OppoSuits Braveheart Suit proudly declares your freedom over the tyranny of bland formal wear by giving you a stylish plaid look that instills a sense of perseverance in a world that wants to force you to be dull. It sort of makes you feel like a Scottish warrior, ready to enter the fashion battlefield as the hero that the world needs.

Material: Polyester
Item: OSOSUI0034

Price: $99.99

ORDER HERE: Mens Opposuits Braveheart Suit

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