Mens Opposuits Baby Blue Suit

This Opposuits Baby Blue Suit brings you style, mixed with a dazzling color not found in most office settings.


Gray WorldCan you imagine a world where everyone only wears gray suits with gray ties? Each person heads to business meetings filled with bar graphs, Gantt charts and buzz words like “actualize” and “ideation”. They stare at business papers and their eyes glaze over as they review their laptop screens. They drink black coffee with no cream and no sugar out of a blank, gray mug. They argue about numbers and grumble about expense reports and it’s all very… boring. That’s not the kind of world we want to live in, but what’s the way to keep that world from becoming reality? Start with the suit.Instead of surrendering to the drab grays of this world, be bold. Choose something that no one would suspect. Choose something out of the ordinary. Choose the kind of spectacular color that your grandpa was far too afraid to wear. Choose a color that makes all those grays look like the soulless monkey suits that they are—perhaps something in baby blue.Fun DetailsIntroducing this Mens Baby Blue Opposuit! It combines the suits of old with a new and refreshing color that’s sure to make a splash at the office, or make you feel like the life of the party at any afterhours event. It’s made by the folks from Opposuits, who know a thing or two about creating outfits that stray from the normal and dull. It comes with a matching jacket, pants and tie. Just pair it with your favorite button up and you’ll be ready to do battle with the status quo.Show StopperThe office won’t even be ready for this kind of bold statement. Neither will the club, for that matter. No matter where you decide to showcase this unique style, you’re sure to be a show-stopping style trailblazer.

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Material: Polyester
Item: OSOSUI0030

Price: $99.99

ORDER HERE: Mens Opposuits Baby Blue Suit

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